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The Healing Power of Herbs

Herbs are powerful forms of medicine, which is why we're so excited to share some insights with you here on the GoddessCeremony Blog! If you're interested in addressing your health head on, you can book a Naturopathic Consultation with Cassandra here.


We love herbs because they are abundant with healing properties. 

Herbs are easy to grow and maintain, great to have around the house, and wonderful to use in foods and teas! But most importantly, they offer plenty of beneficial properties vital to our health. 

There is a large variety of herbs, each having unique healing properties. The purpose of herbs are to improve health, promote healing, and prevent and treat illness.

Herbs can help balance the body, promote gut health, support digestion and even support your menstrual cycle! Learn about our 5 favorite herbs for your menstrual cycle here.

Some of our favorite healing herbs include, Basil, Fennel, Mint, and Parsley. Today we will be focusing on all of the healing properties associated with these incredible herbs!


Here's more about our favorite herbs:

Basil~ Immune booster, Blood vessel health, supports eye health, fights Respiratory problems, reduces stress, pain relief, helps irritable skin, improves digestion, helps treat headaches, and increases mental alertness

Fennel~ Lowers blood pressure, heartburn relief, bloating relief, supports eye health, facilities digestion and cures diarrhea, stimulates brain function, promotes respiratory health, reduces PMS symptoms, prevents constipation, eliminates bad breath, protects against cancers, and helps maintain healthy levels of cholesterol

Mint~ Promotes digestion, improves oral health, aid in weight loss, treats nausea and headaches, fever reducer, natural mild stimulant, relief from fatigue and depression, good for skin health, improves memory, and clears up congestion of the nose, throat, and lungs

Parsley~ Improves immunity, full of antioxidants and Vitamins K, C, A and Iron, digestive aid, promotes a healthy heart, balances body fluids, helps control Arthritis, and keeps teeth and gums healthy

We add these incredible herbs into our foods and use them to make soothing teas. They also make the house smell wonderful! See our 3 favorite teas to help balance your cycle here.

What are your favorite go-to herbs? Did you realize their healing powers?! Share in the comments below! 

Much love & light, 

Sarah Del Rey 

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