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The Final Month of 2019 - December Insights from Cassandra

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I cannot believe we're already at the final month of 2019. It seems like it was just yesterday that we were all eagerly setting our new year's intentions, planting seeds and feeling excitement and potential about the new year. Wow ~ and now here we are in December.

When I look back on the past year, I feel so much gratitude and emotion. I feel so blessed to have connected with hundreds of powerful women like YOU at Goddess Retreats, trainings, festivals, workshop tours and online gatherings. I went through massive growth personally, healed old wounds, removed myself from unhealthy relationships and took accountability in my healing journey completely.

As we wind down December, I encourage you to reflect on the last year of your life. What worked? What did not? What relationships brought you joy and introspection into yourself? What patterns did you notice? Are you closing 2019 with vigor and passion or depletion?

The human experience is challenging - that's for sure. And when we make space to reflect and honestly tune into the deeper layers of this human experience, we set ourselves up to find more peace, freedom and love moving forward.

This year held a lot of life and death for me. I watched GoddessCeremony rise into a leader in women's health and retreats while in my own personal life I seemed to dance back and forth between bliss and creation with layers of hard lessons and new challenges. I saw heartbreak, deep challenges in my family, loss and moments of sadness but I also saw massive healing, blossoming and Universal lessons.

As I close 2019, I feel immense gratitude. Not only for this beautiful business, my home, safety, freedom and a relationship that inspires me, but also for the challenge that weaves its way into our lives.

The challenges that await us can break us or empower us.

It is up to us to choose which becomes our reality.

You are capable of healing. You are strong enough to face anything that sits in front of you. You are beautiful. You are loved. You are enough.

At the end of this month, we'll do a check-in here at GoddessCeremony sharing our wins, the lessons we learned (including the hard lessons!) and how we are moving forward in 2020. Be sure to follow us on Facebook or Instagram to always stay in the loop with our announcements and projects!

With infinite love and gratitude to YOU,

Cassandra Wilder

and Team GoddessCeremony


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