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The Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing and Why It's Time to Add it into your Routine

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Dry brushing has become a popular beauty and health care routine in most recent years. This simple and cost-effective skincare routine is something that we think everyone should get in the habit of doing for many different reasons! 

What is dry brushing? How do I do it? And why should I do it? 

Dry brushing is exactly what it sounds like… brushing the skin in a particular pattern with a dry brush, usually before showering. In dry brushing, the skin is typically brushed toward the heart, starting at the feet and hands and brushing toward the chest.”

All you will need to buy is a natural-bristle brush with a long handle. It’s important to stay away from synthetic or nylon brushes as they can damage the skin.

Here's how to do it:

Start at the soles of your feet and work your way towards your heart. You want to gently but firmly brush your skin in long strokes up the body, usually going over each area a minimum of two or three times, but a maximum of six times


Move from the palms of your hands up your arms towards your heart.  

At your stomach, brush in a clockwise pattern. And along your chest and back, continue to brush toward your heart.

While you are brushing, pay special attention to joints where lymphatic fluid can collect. 

Also to be noted, avoid brushing the face! ( You want to use a jade roller for your face. Read more about a jade roller here! )

Once the entire body has been brushed, we suggest showering then moisturizing with a vitamin-rich lotion or oil like jojoba oil.

That's it!

So why is important? In general, good skincare practices are essential in maintaining optimal health. Skin is our largest organ and our body's main defense against infection and dis-ease. 

Below, we list all of the different benefits associated with dry brushing regularly!

~Exfoliates and removes dead skin 

~Stimulates and increases circulation and promotes lymphatic drainage

~Helps to release and eliminate toxins under the skin 

~Unclogs pores to allow for better absorption of nutrients 

~Improves skin texture, tone, and brightness

~Reduces the appearance of cellulite 

~Reduces muscle tension which relieves stress 

~Tightens skin as strong cell structures form

~Supports the immune system 

~Stimulates the nervous system

Ten great health and wellbeing benefits from a low-cost and time-effective practice, yes, please! We hope this information inspires you to take action and add this simple and easy routine in your everyday life. Just remember to keep separate brushes per family member and wash periodically! 

If you dry brush regularly, tell us about your experiences in the comments!

Much love & light, 

Sarah Del Rey

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