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Stepping into March: New Beginnings {Monthly Blog with Cassandra}

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It's hard to believe it's already March. It feels like 2020 is flying by so quickly and the winter is already almost complete. Yesterday was the first day I could smell spring in the air and woke up to the sounds of birds in the trees, and I felt so excited to soon see little buds on all of the trees and plants outside.

Spring always brings a fresh feeling of new beginnings, change and blossoming. Winter can create a sense of stagnation and to feel ourselves crawl out of the depths of the cold months can feels so liberating.

Plant shopping time!

Last month I got to celebrate my birthday on 2-22-20 (how auspicious!) and felt so incredibly loved by my community! My sister Meadow and I went out for a beautiful lunch, went plant shopping (because... total crazy plant lady life) and soaked up lots of great sisterhood time. My partner Brandon treated me to such a special day full of city adventures, a massage, a beautiful dinner and lots of laughter. I feel so incredibly blessed.

My team and I have been preparing for lots of exciting things this Spring and Summer too! In May we're leading a women's empowerment retreat in Salt Lake City, UT and another one in Grand Rapids, MI! I can't wait to guide these sacred women's retreats in two of my favorite places in the world. In June, we're also headed up to Alaska for our annual solstice Goddess Retreat in the gorgeous nature of Alaska.

Feeling so loved!

In 2019, I invested a lot into my own growth and development and 2020 is definitely following ensuite with lots of retreats, trainings and courses. In April I'm so excited to head to Laguna Beach, CA for an incredible training weekend and then I'll be back in California for two more retreats and events in May! I'll also be making a big move in April / May and cannot wait to share more about where I'm headed and what I'm cultivating over here! Stay tuned!

A few things I'm loving right now:

-my 90x planner. This is my go-to planner for both personal goals and business goals and it's helped me maximize my productivity.

-Kajabi. Yes, I'm borderline obsessed with this website platform. It feels so good to see my courses, membership and client portals so efficient and streamlined.

-Asana. My team and I are loving how simple things have become since implementing this workflow system to delegate tasks and get updates on projects. If you have a team or a VA, this is super helpful.

I'm so grateful to step into spring with more clarity than ever before in my own life and in my business. If you haven't been following me on Instagram, we are growing like wildfire and our podcast stats are exploding in growth too!

As you step into Spring and approach the Spring Equinox, here's a few questions to ask yourself:

-What new beginnings am I ready to embody?

-What served me in the winter but no longer supports me as I step into Spring?

-Where can I come into more alignment?

I can't wait to see where 2020 takes us all and to see us all blossom into our most authentic, powerful selves.

Comment below and tell me what you're stepping into this Spring.


Cassandra Wilder

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