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Spiritual Awakening: 5 Powerful Practices to Incorporate

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

We are so honored to featured the beautiful writing of our sister Jennifer Madrid. Be sure to check out her first two features talking all about stepping in to your power and your purpose, as well as how to set up an intentional self care practice! Want to make sure you don't miss out on any of Goddess Ceremony's posts? Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to never miss a new blog!


Life calls us to evolve and transform.

Specifically, it asks us to deep dive into the evolution of our subconscious, you know, the one that whispers to you and nudges at your wants and desires. For most of us, we have to re-learn how to make space to hear this voice to take action and create our reality.

It’s a choice to evolve or repeat. It’s a choice to answer the call.

Whether we call it spiritual awakening, midlife crisis, nervous breakdown, increasing our emotional intelligence or just transforming to a new phase in our life – it occurs.

At the core, we are questioning life, the beliefs that we have adopted that have led us til this point. We audit and identify our core values.

Are we living in truth and in accordance to what our soul desires?

Yep, you guessed it – the best of us are living out of alignment. I argue that life is designed that way. It’s part of the blueprint, our cosmic contracts.

Whatever the circumstance, it is a call to reevaluate and make changes that align us to our higher self.

But, once you are on the path, why is it full of high highs and low lows and how do we cope?

How many times have you asked yourself ‘why is it so hard?’

We all have! The practice of living authentically and in full acceptance of self is what brings the highs and lows. We have been trained to live out of alignment to conform, to belong and to feel loved. Ironically, it’s never achieved because the love we are seeking comes from within not from external factors.

Below are my top 5 must have’s that have created massive impact in my life:

1. Creating a sisterhood – We as women are an incredible life force and thrive in community. Today, you can find local and virtual communities that enhance the vibrational energy needed to support you through your journey. Never feel alone, we are all one, so step up and participate sister.

2. Cultivating mindset shifts with Tapping – Emotional Freedom Technique aka Tapping is a practice that has the potential to transmute energies that are plaguing your subconscious. It is a physical practice of tapping acupuncture points while voicing affirmations and a storyline that breaks down the limiting belief. I invite you to YouTube “Brad Yates” and get ready to up level on all fronts.

3. Daily Rituals – We all know the benefits of a ritual in living an empowered life. The power of this practice occurs when it is an unwavering part of your daily makeup. The call is to be consistent. It is a critical ingredient to your emotional health and energy management.

4. Empowerment Tools – In honor of the divine feminine, let’s make it playful, cheeky and fun! Whether that looks like daily oracle cards, beautiful sacred gems, natal charts or dressing up like the goddess that you are – incorporate these into your life. It supports your inner wisdom and allows you to cultivate your magic.

5. Rewrite those Beliefs – The AHA moments that you are able to unpack from exploring a belief that was picked up by society or family is groundbreaking in unlocking your true self. These breakthroughs allow us to reflect on our patterns and shed light into areas that the ego does not like. If you’d like to explore more of this inner work, I have a free guide to managing your energetic blocks that you can download today.

My wish for you is to prioritize disconnecting from all stimuli and the busyness of the modern life by integrating the above practices. Retreat and fall in love with yourself again cause she is awesome, worthy and deserving.

We elevate consciousness in self-acceptance. It is this power and inner knowing and discovery that propels us to live an authentic life.

Goddesses, I’d love to hear what your GO TO practices are?

If you want to hear more about Jennifer’s journey tune into her podcast guest interviews on Her Work Radio and Yogi Fuel Podcasts.

With gratitude,

Jennifer Madrid

About Jennifer~

Jennifer Madrid, is the Creator of She Vibes High, a platform for empowering women to

step into their feminine power. Creation lives in the divine feminine and whether you are looking to create your own business, manifest your dream life, travel the world or all of the above it begins with connecting within.

Jennifer’s mission is to activate the necessary mindset shifts to radically change your life so you can begin to live from an inner sense of knowing – your power.

If you are looking to work with Jennifer, check her Group Coaching Program: Align + Activate that deep dives into mindset, spirituality + digital biz all with a soulful tribe by your side.

Follow her on Instagram and tune in to her latest podcast on Spotify or iTunes.

You can also connect with her on Facebook, Instagram and on her website.

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