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Single Parenting and Taking Back Your Crown with Stasia Bliss {Podcast Episode 47}

It's a new week, so we've got a special podcast for you! This week we're so excited to bring on a very special guest - the lovely Stasia Bliss. This podcast will really resonate with any person who is the primary parent and who needs some loving reminds in reclaiming their home. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to never miss a podcast or retreat announcement!


Single parenting is a challenge that many women find themselves in, and while there are moments of empowerment and sovereignty, there are also moments when we feel like we're barely hanging on.

What would it look like to feel like the Queen of your home? Is it possible to instill boundaries AND be a kind parent? What can we do to establish healthy communication between us and our children?

We are so honored to bring on the amazing Stasia Bliss, also known as the Kundalini Queen, to talk about reclaiming your crown and living in your Queendom as a single parent. Stasia shares her experience as a single mother, how she shifted from feeling depleted and walked over to powerhouse mama and what any mother can do to feel more empowered in your family.


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In this podcast episode, you'll learn what kundalini is, why you must stay connected to your life force, how to set loving boundaries with your children and why standing in your Queen energy is essential for your family.

You can listen to the newest episode on the GoddessCeremony Podcast to learn more about empowered single parenting below!

You can connect with Stasia via Facebook, Instagram and on her Youtube channel to stay in the loop of her potent wisdom.


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With gratitude,

Cassandra Wilder

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