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Seasonal Self Care: 5 Ways To Maintain Clarity in the Change

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As the season changes, and our external environments transform, an internal shift begins to occur. It has been felt that many people are beginning to recluse, to travel inward in to the safety of their bodies, their homes; their deep needs and wants become priority, and time is intentionally carved out to dive in to self reflection and deep self care.

Regardless of where you are at in the world, and whether you feel and see the season’s change, energy of slowing down truly settles in to our bones, and we become reflective on what the year has held for us.

The cycles of nature truly illustrate the cycles that we has humans are consistently going through. Whether we are healing, moving through a large transition, or being asked to address our darknesses, the process of change is a consistent cycle of clarity, and then confusion, question and then answer, loss and then gain.

When we feel the denser part of these cycles, we feel the need to pull away. Naming that in which does not serve us anymore becomes more natural, for we are faced with the need to confront that in ourselves that does not serve us any longer. We are constantly shedding skin while growing a new one. We are adaptable creatures who must be able to recognize what can stay, and what must go.

Fall has brought about intense and transitioning energy that has caused many of us to want to retreat. We can feel the need to revisit the space that holds our deepest desires, and what we crave most is direction in which to spring from. If you have been feeling dense, confused or directionless, you are not alone. The cosmos have been truly demanding that we say, “no more!” and make the changes that we have been placing out of view. Often, we think change has to come in large quantities. Change is a ripple effect. It should truly begin small, and have time to build. Change is still a process. Change needs to be felt fully and embraced effortlessly. Change is our only constant as human beings. And the sooner we begin to really feel and lean in to that, the more seamless our will be.

Like the stillness of a cold and snowy winter morning, a pause is being asked of us.

A moment of reflection, introspection and rest.

The end of the year is a time for celebration, a time where we gather together and create a space for gratitude, giving and graciousness. Yet, this can be a very draining and very chaotic time of life, and so restoration and self-care must be a priority.

Below are some ways in which you can begin to create a sacred and restoring space for yourself as the season continues to ask us to take a step back, and travel inward:

Seasonal Self-Care

1. Nourishment: Align your nourishment with the season at hand. As it becomes colder, our bodies want and need warmth. Make your favorite hearty stew. Drink a big cup of tea in the middle of the day. Fill your body with warmth, and with density as it is asking for it. Bake. Cook. Can. Spend time with what you fill your body with, and take time to create a nourishing meal for yourself, and your body.

2. Stepping Away: Social Media has become something that is an interwoven part of our day, our connection and our information ingestion. But how do you feel after and before you scroll for even a few moments? Taking intentional time away from Internet spaces that take up space in your mind, as well as your day is a good way to grant yourself some peace and clarity throughout your day.

3. Journaling Practice: For the season at hand, designate a journal that you check in with everyday or every other day. Write down what you have been feeling, what thoughts you have had, how you are feeling physically, what your day has consisted of, or any other part of your existence that you want to track. This is a beautiful way to track the natural cycle that you go through in your energetic as well as your emotional body, and can be a serene way to check in with yourself daily.

4. Saying No: The Summer months are often the time where we are in constant motion: open and bursting with energy, like the sun. Summer is the time of year where we travel, we are coming in to contact with people and consistently giving energy. The fall and the winter, however, is quite the opposite. Not only is transportation harder, but also being outside takes more energy and can be very draining. It is okay to say no to things that do not feel in alignment with what you need. It is okay to take time away from seeing people, and focusing more on seeing yourself. Now is the time to take all that you need for yourself, unapologetically.

5. Maintain a Movement Practice: Because we spend more time inside, it is important to remain intentional about moving your body in the way that it needs to move, and giving it the space to feel fluid and regenerated. Dance! Walk! Take a movement class (yoga, kick boxing, dance, Pilates, etc)! Stretch! Ensure your body is still moving, even within the pause. This will help your body, your mind and your soul to feel clear and energized as the winter deepens.

How have you been feeling with this season change? What do you need more of? What do you need less of? How can you create intentional time and space for yourself in the next few months?

Wishing you peace, rest and abundance, wonderful Goddess!

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