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Reclaim Your Monthly Cycle: 5 Tips to Menstruate Empowered

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Menstruation is a powerful experience every month, and we're dedicated to teaching women how to call this time of the month sacred. Whether you love your cycle or this is all brand new to you, see these 5 tips as valuable insights to living more intentionally. Need more support? Tune into the GoddessCeremony Podcast weekly for new wisdom about your cycle or you can join Menstruation Queen - an exclusive 3 month immersion to heal your cycle. Apply here.


Most of us women spend a huge part of our lives menstruating every single month. But despite this, a good number of us women still holds an unhealthy relationship with our own cycles. 

Ever wondered if there is a way to transform your menstrual cycle to an enjoyable experience monthly? Would you believe that you can get to a point where you actually look forward to your menstrual period monthly?

Those thoughts may sound impossible for you, but please read on.

Many women, myself included, grew up hating our menstrual cycles for the inconvenience and painful experience it gave us. We resented menstrual cramps, PMS and bloating, among many other negative symptoms. I would never think of my period as something sacred or an honorable time of the month.

It took me years to actually realize that I do not want to keep resenting my menstrual cycles anymore. With thoughts that I will be spending a few more decades menstruating every single month and then asked myself...

What if I start actually embracing and welcoming my menstrual cycle instead of resenting it?

Rather than fighting nature, what if I received it? We will be spending a huge portion of our lives cycling and bleeding as women and there is absolutely no point in continually dreading this natural process of our body. 

I am guessing if you are reading this, you may also feel the same way that I do and open to the idea of improving your relationship with your sacred cycle. Here are wonderful ways to empower your monthly cycles.

- 5 Steps to Empowered Menstruation -

Step One: Embrace the Idea of Change

When you have deep-rooted negative notions with your menstrual flow, consciously take an effort to open yourself up to actually learning and absorbing something different. Keep in mind that you were not provided with these tools and stand by yourself that you have given it your best with the information you had. If we know better, most definitely, we do things better! Presented with this information now, allow your consciousness to be open to taking in new ways to do thing in life. It is a life-changing way of living to have an empowered month-to-month menstrual cycle. Learn how to reclaim your cycle here.

Step Two: Choose the Right Feminine Products

In my journey to an empowered menstruation, I have learned that it can be challenging to transform towards empowerment when we are using disempowering feminine care products. Inserting chemically-treated cotton inside you is no way to have a sacred cycle.

These non-organic products are heavily treated with chemicals that disrupts the harmony of our flow and worse, disconnect us from our cycles that may eventually cause problems with our health. The Huffington Post and The Guardian are only two of the many stations that have deliberately broadcasted the dangers in using commercial feminine products. 

On the brighter side, there are healthier and empowering alternatives available to us women! Get to know the other concerns specific to non-organic commercial products and what are your options here

Step Three: Use a Menstrual Cup

Menstrual cups do wonders in significantly improving women’s relationships with their menstrual cycles. The use of menstrual cups benefit women in many ways. Using this remarkably reduces cramps during cycles by fifty to seventy-five percent. Menstrual cups are made with medical grade silicon instead of the commercial products filled with highly toxic chemicals. It holds more blood than a super tampon does. It is way more comfortable and it enables a deeper and personal connection with you and your menstrual cycle in a sacred way. 

With the simple switch from commercial products to menstrual cups, I have noticed women feeling more empowered with their cycles! Read the 11 reasons why you should start switching to a menstrual cup here.

Step Four: Listen and Understand your Body’s Needs

When we start the journey of honoring the sanctity of our cycles, we develop awareness with our body’s needs. Our body needs different kinds of support during the different times of our cycles. Most of us may not know how to support our bodies during these times of need, but it is never too late to start this in your own life.

During our menstrual time, women have a depreciated level of energy and our bodies need more space for rest and to be still. We sometimes find ourselves to be a little bit introverted. When we experience cramps, it is a signal sent by our body asking us to take it slow and rest.

However, in the society we live in where we have to push through it or numb it up and silence the needs of our bodies. Because of this, we have the tendency to feel exacerbated pain, exhaustion and disconnect from our cycle.

On your next cycle, listen to your body and understand what you really need. Whether you go to bed early or just to simply lay down on your first day of the cycle, you need to listen to what your body needs. Whether it calls you to find some alone time instead of socializing and going out, know what you need and practice your awareness towards your body. If it catches your interest to learn how you cycle monthly with the moon phases, check out this online training that we offer here.

Step Five: The Power of Menstrual Blood

Connecting with our menstrual blood is way easier when we are using menstrual cups because we can directly see through our blood, unlike the chemically soaked pads or tampons, where it is almost impossible to feel connected with your cycle’s blood. Odors are present when our blood is soaked through these commercial products and we most likely feel a disconnect from the sacredness of this experience. But if we use menstrual cups, we can truly get a glimpse of your blood and there are no odors as it is not soaked into anything. By this, you actually witness what you created in your body.

In other cultures, they celebrate and honor menstrual blood. They considered it as a sacred element that signifies a woman’s vitality and health. This blood was often poured into the earth and flowed onto plants as a holy offering to the nature.

By using menstrual cups, we have the freedom to offer the blood our body created, if it feels right for you. This immensely sacred experience we do every month creates a deep connection towards the balance of nature. I highly suggest pouring your blood sacredly to onto an area of your house with soil or to your plants, if you so desire. Our cycle blood contains fifty times more calcium than regular blood filled with stem cells, making it a nourished gift to the earth. Learn more about the science and wisdom of menstrual blood.

And if you love herbal remedies and easing your cramps, listen to our podcast episode here.

 May this information help your empowering journey!

In gratitude to you,

Cassandra Wilder

+ the GoddessCeremony Team

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