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Physically Cleanse Your Womb with these 3 Tips

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

As a woman, how you take care of your womb plays an important role towards emotional and spiritual healing, transformation and connection. Learn how to heal your womb and your feminine cycle with our Embodied Wisdom moon training or work 1:1 with Cassandra Wilder ND to heal your cycle, support your womb health and reconnect to your power as a woman. Apply here!


Taking time to cleanse our womb is not a common thing that our modern society talks about. Sometimes, we forget how integral of a role the womb plays in our lives. As much as the other biological systems of our body, our womb needs cleansing and to be supported to maintain health and vitality.

At a certain point in time, cleansing was perhaps unnecessary. However, in this toxin-filled modern world, the need for cleansing is higher than it has ever been. Between the food we eat, the chemicals in the sanitary products we use and the shame that so many of us have carried - it is ESSENTIAL to address our womb health and gently cleanse it. Especially if you have been diagnosed with a hormonal imbalance or reproductive health concern, you must consider your womb. Find out how to balance your hormones here.

Our womb, or uterus, is one of our releasing channels. There are five key methods to eliminate the waste and contaminants inside our body— through bowel movements, urine, sweat, breath, and our menstrual cycle. Maintaining flow in all of these areas is key for overall health. When one becomes stagnant, the body suffers.

If we don't have our monthly cycle, the womb can become particularly stagnant and thus, dis-ease begins. While the womb is not our primary releasing channel, problems may still arise when our cycles are irregular or when we are using a birth control method that ceases menstruation. Symptoms of a stagnant womb may include: cysts developing, excruciatingly painful menstrual cramps, miscarriages and reoccurring infections. At the start of your cycle, dark blood, mucus and large clots are also an indication that your womb needs detoxification and cleansing.

Now, what are the things that help cleanse our womb?

- How to Physically Cleanse the Womb Space -

Step 1: Regular Menstruation is Key!

It is the natural function of our reproductive system as women to menstruate regularly. When we menstruate regularly, we expel the toxins and stagnant energy within and give our womb the space to rejuvenate. While it may seem enticing to try a birth control method that stops your monthly flow or to celebrate an irregular period, this creates the perfect environment for dis-ease to manifest.

If you are on certain birth control pills that inhibits your monthly menstruation, you may consider checking for other options provided by your doctor. And if you are menstruating, make the conscious effort to veer away from using one-time use tampons and pads as they may cause harm due to toxin absorption in the vagina. Instead, opt for an organic tampons, pad or a menstrual cup as healthier alternatives.

Step 2: Embrace these Wonder Herbs for Cycle Health

There are herbs that do wonders for our bodies and specifically, our womb. Red Raspberry Leaf is one of the herbs that is helpful in cleansing the womb. Full of iron and other minerals, this power herb helps to regulate cycles, raises iron levels and decreases cramping. To nourish my womb space and body, I drink Red Raspberry Leaf in the form of tea every single day. Check out our podcast on the 5 wonder herbs for your womb and menstruation here.

Step 3: Consider Yoni Steaming

For thousands of years, Yoni Steams, or Vaginal Steams have been used all around the world to promote reproductive system well-being. Yoni steams can be a fantastic and profoundly preventive resource for these health concerns! Check out this podcast episode on the wonders of vaginal steaming here.

I can not emphasize just how necessary it is to cleanse and purify your womb and body with genuine purpose and love. Unravel the beauty of the Sacred Feminine with these tips and call upon your Wild Woman.


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With gratitude,


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