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Palo Santo Bundle Kit Ideas

It's the holiday season, and it is the perfect time to gift thoughtful, intentional pieces of magic to the people you love. Check out this amazing gift idea for not just the holidays, but for any day!

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It’s the holiday season, and crafting meaningful gifts can be super easy and affordable! 

One idea we love right now are customized Palo Santo bundle kits

You will need: 

Palo Santo or Sage if you prefer that healing herb as a base~  

Hemp rope, cotton culinary twine and/or thin ribbon~ 

Dried Flora~

Dried Herbs~

Crystals (point(s) or small cluster)~

Essential Oils (optional)~ 

Customized bundle ideas:  

Palo Santo + dried Baby’s-breath + Frankincense Essential oil  + Selenite wand 

~Connection with higher-self  

~Use this powerful bundle kit to ascend and expand the field of awareness 

~Gain ancient wisdom from the powers of the Selenite wand and breathe in the healing Frankincense

-Selenite~Mental focus, growth, soothes emotions, helps with letting go 

-Frankincense~Clearing oil 

Palo Santo + dried Lavender + Lavender Essential oil + Amethyst 

~Stress relief & relaxation

~Use this healing bundle kit to gain a calming and peaceful state 

~Pleasant relief and spiritual wisdom with a calming aromatherapy 

-Amethyst~Master healer, good for spiritual protection, physical, emotional, and mental balance

-Lavender~ Therapeutic calming oil 

Palo Santo + Sweetgrass + Orange Essential oil + Citrine 

~Abundance & positive energy 

~Use this energetic bundle kit to achieve wealth in all aspects of life 

~Mood-boosting and high vibe energy sense from the oil 

-Citrine~Clarity, confidence, good for learning, teaching, problem-solving, creativity and is a feel better stone 

-Orange~Fresh and positivity-boosting oil 

Palo Santo + dried Roses + Bergamot Essential oil + Rose quartz

~Self-love & boosting confidence

~Use this gentle bundle kit to bathe in sweet self-acceptance vibes

~Bright and compassionate energy with aromatherapy to expand confidence 

-Rose quartz~Helps in all matters pertaining to love in all its forms, opens the heart to love, gives inner peace 

-Bergamont~Purifying, calming, and mood-boosting 

Palo Santo + Rosemary + White Sage + Clary Sage oil + Clear quartz 

~New beginnings & healing 

~Use this energy amplifier bundle kit to transform with a fresh start 

~Channel any energy and improve the quality of your life while inviting in overall health with healing White Sage

-Clear quartz~Stores, amplifies, and transforms energy, and heals

-Clary Sage~Wisdom, alignment, regulates cycles oil 

These are just a few combinations we’ve come up with! They will look beautiful and be extremely meaningful and beneficial. And smell great! 

There is so much room for creativity and customization in these easy and affordable gifts. So have fun with it and really make it special. 

We also love to use:

Dried Herbs~


-Cinnamon sticks





Essential oils~




We hope you feel inspired to get crafty and DIY these powerful gifts! 

Tell us your favorite combo from that list or your ideal combo in the comments below! 

Much love & light, 

Sarah Del Rey 

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