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One Simple Tool to Radically Transform Breast Health

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Your breast health is important! This blog will help you understand the little things you can do to make massive differences in your health. Need extra support on your healing journey? Apply to work with Cassandra Wilder ND and get a free 20 minute call to begin your journey of healing and empowerment!


Discussing breast health is just as important as talking about supporting our womb and our cycles! We previously posted a full blog with the top three ways to support breast health, but this time, we will discuss our top recommendation on how to take care of the health of our breasts. 

Caring for our breast health is vital for us as women. In the modern world that we live in, the rates are rising in cases of breast cysts (whether it is malignant or benign), breast cancer and other breast related illnesses. They have risen to become a common phenomenon nowadays and that is why knowing how to support our breast health is such an important topic for women to be aware of.

Now, let’s talk about our top recommended practice that you can do to promote good breast health.

This massively underrated and yet incredibly empowering practice is very simple: regular breast massages.

Benefits of Regular Breast Massages:

When your breasts are massaged, your lymphatic system is stimulated and this helps move stagnant lymph. Between your armpits and your breasts, you can find one of the main lymphatic nodes in your lymphatic system. Regularly massaging your breasts is a must, especially if you are always wearing a bra.

Lymph that is blocked or stagnant may be connected with breast cancer, breast mass growths and an inability to detoxify. Spending a few minutes of your day supporting your breast health will do wonders for your lymphatic system and overall wellness. It's simple and very effective.

Steps in Doing a Breast Massage:

Take five minutes out from your day after you shower to do your breast massage. Grab some coconut oil, jojoba oil or Shea butter after you hop out of the shower to begin. Make sure that you use organic oil for this. Slowly, you may start massaging around your breasts with a gentle but firm pressure that does not hurt you. Massage the area beneath your breasts and on the sides working your way to the area beside your armpits. Take is a great time to also be mindful of your breasts and check for lumps or any out of the ordinary. 

Here are 4 main breast massage exercises that you can follow. 

~ Stand up and massage in big circles around the breasts

~ Raise one arm and massage your breast tissue up towards the armpit to facilitate drainage of your lymph

~ Bend forward and let your breasts hang and firmly massage them

~ Gently shake and move your breasts to promote lymph flow

If your goal is to primarily drain your lymph, you can try massaging from the nipple towards the armpit area with long strokes. Ensure you are using an adequate amount oil for this exercise so that you are comfortable. 

It is important to note that if you spot any abnormal lumps or hard spots, see a doctor immediately. 

How often should you do a breast massage?

The decision is entirely up to you, but doing it every other day is a good place to start. Some women do it once a week while others prefer doing it every day as part of their daily routine. Take a few minutes of your day to massage your breasts lovingly and mindfully. 

Are there other practices to support your lymph?

Exercising regularly is also another excellent way to promote breast health and lymph function. You may opt to wear slightly looser sports bras when exercising to allow some room for movement in your breasts.

 I hope that this blog post helped you in your journey to healthy breast care!

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