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New Moon in Virgo September 2020: Finding Harmony

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New Moon in Virgo

17 September 2020

7:00 AM EST

Virgo's New Moon on September 17th brings harmony to a time of change and perceived chaos.

Granting much needed structure and organization, this Virgo New Moon brings a wave of consistency and predictability in a year where much has been clouded in the unknown.

The New Moon is always an introspective time with a comforting nudge to look within, but this Full Moon also calls us to design more harmony in our lives. Whether it's creating better boundaries, more separation between work and home (since many of us are working from home these days!) or more nourishing habits and daily rituals, the Virgo New Moon is here to support you.

If you find that the next few days feel extra intense or chaotic, it may be a call to look within and see where your external world is mirroring something within.

By creating more loving structure for yourself, you may find things around you change as well to feel more predictable and calm.

Like all things in the Universe, balance is key. Like the masculine and feminine qualities we all possess, knowing when to apply structure and organization is important and so is welcoming in flow and freedom.

If you feel like this year has been hard for you in terms of zero consistency and not feeling grounded, this New Moon will help you find harmony once again by returning to your own practices, tools and sense of WHY.

And if things feel chaotic, what needs to be released? What flow is actually hindering your ability to feel safe?

This New Moon is call to pull within and create your own foundations of harmony. Your practices, tools and routines will become second nature if you allow yourself to dance with both stability and flow. Both are teachers.

3 Ways To Honor The New Moon in Virgo

Journal + let go

If you find yourself fighting the idea of daily consistency, dive beneath the surface and explore it. Where do you need safety and predictability? Where is flow and freedom important?

Create new routines

We've all probably fallen away from our new year's resolutions we set 9 months ago. Now, it's time to re-evaluate our daily routines and how they're serving us. Maybe it's setting a boundary to meditate before getting on social media in the morning. Maybe it's going for a walk at lunch each day. What routine will give you the loving structure you crave?

Slow down

Everything in the stars calls you to be still. Journal, meditate, rest, sit in nature or lay outside to find a connection to self.

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Structure is safe. Flow grants freedom. You are both.

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