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New Moon in Taurus April 2020: Mass Awakening

Happy New Moon, sister. We at GoddessCeremony are hopeful that you have been showering yourself with deep love, gratitude and nourishment. Many of us are in need of extra support right now, and this is a reminder that you are not alone! Tune into the GoddessCeremony Podcast here to get free tools + resources.


New Moon in Taurus

22 April 2020

10:26PM EST

A new beginning is looming as the earth and people collectively awaken. Rising from a time of uncertainty and change, all of us are being pulled to blossom into this new level of alignment and truth.

It's not an overstatement to say that all humans have collectively been affected massively by world events over the last few months. Change has become the norm and stress has lingered in the consciousness of most people. And yet - there has also been a re-birth. A transformation of sorts that can only fully expand after a period of stillness, reflection and introspection.

The Spring Equinox a few weeks ago set the tone for new life and for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, we are seeing this blossoming both physically in our outer world and internally as well.

The world has exhaled; slowed down and paused. The oceans are becoming cleaner. Air quality is improving. We have been forced to stop and be still.

This Taurus New Moon comes to us with a powerful nudge to ground into our truth, sink into our bodies and remember our truth: to evolve and adapt. To rise when there is adversity. To heal in the face of change.

The darkness of the sky with this New Moon is a call to look within. To go within and find the fire within your being awaken.

Do not hide from this darkness; instead make it your playground to remember how to heal. Grasp this collective pause and take the invitation to awaken the parts of you that have been asleep for so long.

This New Moon in Taurus calls you, divine woman, to dance with the darkness both within and around you and birth from it a mass awakening that will propel us into a future we have never seen before.


3 Ways To Honor The New Moon in Taurus

Reflect on the shadow + triggers

Notice the shadow patterns that are likely presenting right now and deep dive into these ingrained behaviors. Focus on practices that nourish your subconscious with journaling, meditation, yoga, breath work, trauma release exercises like TRE and supportive dialogue with someone you trust. By unveiling the shadow, you allow light to come in.

Be with the earth

Taurus calls us to lay our feet upon the earth. Find a patch of earth or go for a hike in nature and let your bare feet feel the heartbeat of the earth.

Awaken into presence

With all of the energy stirring right now, make noise. Sing. Drum. OM. Sigh. Hum. Anything you need to open your throat and release - do it. Coming back to your voice will help you integrate the feelings and emotions that may come up over the next few days.


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Let us know how YOU are celebrating this New Moon, and honoring the beginning of the new astrological year by tagging us on Instagram @goddessceremony!

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