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New Moon in Gemini May 2020: Lifting the Fog

Happy New Moon, sister. We at GoddessCeremony are hopeful that you have been showering yourself with deep love, gratitude and nourishment. Many of us are in need of extra support right now, and this is a reminder that you are not alone! Tune into the GoddessCeremony Podcast here to get free tools + resources.


New Moon in Gemini

22 May 2020

1:39PM EST

The darkness of the new moon has shadowed the path forward and you may find yourself questioning how to take the next step.

Many of us have felt this clouded vision over the last few weeks, the need for rest and the inner call to recalibrate. Self doubt, confusion and imposter syndrome are perhaps feelings that you are far too familiar with right now and if so, you're not alone.

Finding ourselves in this fog with nowhere to turn but within, this new moon in Gemini grants us the permission to unbury the stories that have led us to believe that we must stay small, hide and fight our own inner knowing.

While every new moon teaches us that there is wisdom in the darkness; that chaos or uncertainty are necessary parts of the cycle - this new moon also speaks to the rampant fear of uncertainty and the questioning of our own purpose.

This is your call to lead yourself home, to go beneath the surface and get messy in the process. This is your permission to feel every piece of the human experience and to release the comfortable idea of THINKING your way through life and instead to trust your body and intuition.

Whether you are feeling extra sensitive, raw, introverted, confused, misunderstood or hurt with this new moon, remember that it is part of the healing journey.

This New Moon in Gemini is a somatic moon and calls you inward. Stop looking outside of you for the answers - they are already within you. Pause the tendency to overthink where you are and drop into your body's primal inner knowing. Do not fear the darkness. Let it be your teacher.


3 Ways To Honor The New Moon in Gemini


Journal out the heaviness you're feeling, let yourself mourn what no longer fits in your life, love yourself fiercely enough to welcome emotions and let it go.


This Moon is an incredibly potent time to meditate, be still and reflect. Especially if the idea of meditating with your shadow sounds frightening, you may find that there is a great awakening there. Try this Quantum Light Breath meditation or purchase our New Moon Meditation here.

Focus on what you CAN see

Even if the path forward feels murky or if your job, relationship or daily practices feel unpredictable and all over the place, notice what you CAN focus on: your self care, the things that bring you joy, the presence you carry.


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Let us know how YOU are celebrating this New Moon, and honoring the beginning of the new astrological year by tagging us on Instagram @goddessceremony!

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