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New Moon in Cancer July 2020: Renewal + Rebirth

Happy New Moon, sister. Watery Cancer sweeps in with so much wisdom so take time to rest and restore. Grab your nourishing womb meditation here if you're in need of some good self care in your life.

New Moon in Cancer

20 July 2020

1:33PM EST

The second Cancer New Moon of the month flows in with a depth that may be cathartic to say the least.

This watery, mothering Cancer new moon is the first moon in six weeks to be eclipse-free, marking both an ending and a beginning to a new chapter.

The Mother archetype in the Feminine holds the energy of both light and dark; life and death. Dancing between the duality of destruction and renewal, emotions may be bubbling to the surface as we seek to resolve the inner wounds that are still raw to the touch.

Both holding us tenderly and submerging us in the depths of our healing, this Cancer New Moon marks a fresh beginning - if we're willing to look at the shadow first.

Emotions are powerful tools so notice what has been surfacing for you. What emotions are you feeling? Tired? Sensitive? Sad? And what do these emotions teach you? By reflecting on your inner experience, you take back your sovereignty in healing.

New Moons always encourage us to slow down, rest and reflect, and this is amplified with the energy of Cancer. Taking space for yourself over the next few days may feel essential.

This New Moon in Cancer balances us through the light and dark aspects of self. A rebirth always comes after the destruction. Sit with this dark moon to reflect and connect.

3 Ways To Honor The New Moon in Cancer

Ground in your body

Stay present in your body through yoga, dance or stretching. Create a sacred space in your home and allow yourself to be present and connected to your body.

Let go

Your emotions are teachers so let yourself write out anything that you are choosing to let go and burn it. Through releasing you create space for a renewal.

Slow down

Everything in the stars calls you to be still. Journal, meditate, rest, sit in nature or lay in a body of water to absorb the wisdom of the dark moon.

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