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How Your Menstrual Cycle Aligns with the Moon

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Women and the moon phases have flowed together since the beginning of time. When we understand our cyclical nature, we connect to something far greater than ourselves. Ready to heal yourself and reclaim your menstrual time and health? Apply to work with Cassandra Wilder ND here in her powerful 3 month container - Empowered Cycle.


Women and the lunar phases are as intertwined as the stars and the night sky. Both simultaneously wax into fullness and wane inward in a balanced cycle that shifts every month. This balance of energy has existed for thousands of years and encourage us to ebb and flow throughout the month too. A woman's libido, mood, creativity and energy all sync with the lunar phases in this unique and powerful balance.  

Many of us may not feel our bodily connection to the moon. It's possible that you're even wondering how it's possible for two very different things to fluctuate in unison. This blog will give you insights into both and how synced they truly are.

There is a magical connection in these interlaced energies that has guided women for thousands of years. Mending that connection between the moon and women brings out an incredible female power within all who understand it.

So what is the correlation between our menstrual time and the moon?

In many cultures around different areas of the world, women in their tribes menstruated together during the new moon. As most of us know, women who live or spend a lot of time together often sync their menstrual cycles. This phenomena also happened many years ago when women lived in tight knit tribes and villages. During the dark sky during the new moon, women gathered and menstruated together in a mystical experience called the Red Tent, or Moon Lodge.

For a few days of their menstrual cycle, these women gathered free from their responsibilities and rested together. They utilized this time to rest, re-energize, share wisdom, sing songs and support one another.


Women of all different ages gathered in this sacred space. Some women sat here for the first time ever as a newly initiated young women and others had sat in this sacred space for hundreds of cycles. This sacred space stood as a place for women to celebrate their feminine wisdom and cyclical nature.

The new moon phase naturally calls us to slow down, be still and rest. by slowing down and submitting to stillness. Just as the moon pulls within, we feel the same energy. Especially if we are actually bleeding with the New Moon, we feel this even greater - as both the moon and our bodies are calling us to reflect and rest.

Honoring this special time is probably the most important factor in reconnecting to your innate cycles. By understanding menstruation and the moon, you will find a powerful connection align.

Three Sacred Ways to Align your Menstrual Cycle with the Moon Phases

1. Change your approach towards menstruation! There is a certain transformation and connection that happens when you switch to organic and healthier sanitary products. Personally, we recommend the Lena Cup to women around the globe and witness the positive shift they experience with cycles and empowerment levels. Find out why we

recommend the use of menstrual cups here

2. Honor your body’s call for rest! Every time you experience cramping during your cycle, see it as a loving reminder from your body. Recognize this feeling and slow down. Listen to what your body is asking for. Rather than pushing through or numbing this connection, hear your body and honor what it needs during your menstrual cycle. Take a break. Sit still and honor this feeling by taking deep breaths and making room for your body to simply recharge. 

3. Acknowledge the moon time! It is important to recognize that during the new moon phase, we must make time to rest and recuperate. We can offer ourselves that much-needed self-care. Ask yourself what things you can offer yourself during the next new moon to recharge your body. Recognize your cyclical nature with the moon and make space to notice the subtle changes. Learn about the moon and woman on the podcast here.

4. Track your cycle! You can easily use an app to track your monthly cycle of menstruation and ovulation so you can see how it aligns with the moon. We recommend the app Life to easily start to understand how your cycle throughout the month.

There are also ways to learn how to sync your menstrual cycle with the new moon. You can read that blog to learn how to naturally change your body's rhythm and align your bleeding with the new moon.

Get more insights and tips to make menstruation a sacred time of the month with our podcast on empowered menstrual cycles!

On the next new moon time, take some time to slow down, make room for quiet moments and listen to the wisdom of your body. You are connected to the moon. You are cyclical. You are powerful.

In gratitude,


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