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How to Manage Your Mojo While Dealing with the Muggle World

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

We're honored to share this amazing guest blog post by Seryna Myers. Seryna is a spiritual teacher and business oracle that helps sacred leaders and visionaries bring their whole hearts and divine Truths to everything they do. Be sure to check out Seryna's other blog posts here on the GoddessCeremony Blog!


The beautiful thing about committing to a spiritual path is deepening your connection to your angels and guides, and opening up to new energies and divine downloads. The downside is that sometimes these come forward at some pretty inopportune times, like when you’re having dinner with your in-laws, doing groceries, or in a meeting with your boss. Here are some things to consider to manage your energy, and some strategies to get you through those awkward energetic surges.

1) Check the energy’s ownership

Knowing whether the energy we’re experiencing is ours, or someone else’s is the first step in knowing how to manage it. Having a relationship with your energy will help you make the distinction - you want to know what your normal levels feel like so it’s easy to tell as soon as something shifts out of place, instead of waiting for it to escalate. When I realize something is out of balance, I take a moment to breathe, then ask my guides if what I’m feeling is my own energy, or someone else’s.

If as an empath or HSP (highly sensitive person) you’ve soaked up someone else’s energy, it’s not yours to deal with and you can immediately jump to the other steps in this article. However if it’s your energy you’re feeling overwhelmed by, you’re being called to bring your awareness to something you’re processing, but that doesn’t mean you’re in a place where you can deal with it.

2) You create the rules

When you’ve chosen the path of the lightworker, you’ve made an agreement with Spirit that you’ll show up for the work, but you still get to create the terms. Whenever you receive a download or an energetic upgrade, and the timing is less than ideal, you can negotiate when you’ll integrate the energies. Take a moment alone to breathe, ground, and dialogue with your guides. Keep an open and grateful heart, and be specific about when you’ll come back to this energy and the lessons within it. I like to think of it as energetic office hours. Remember, just because you’ve agreed to do inner work, doesn’t mean you don’t get to say when and where.

3) Quickie Clearing on the Go

When the energy is not yours, or you’ve negotiated with your guides to when you’ll deal but you’re still feeling some of the intensity, you need to find ways to clear the energy without stopping what you’re doing to drop into meditation or ceremony. Here are some ways to clear energy on the fly, without the need for fancy tools, all of which are possible from the privacy of a public bathroom stall.

Cutting energetic cords:

Call on Archangel Michael and his sword of light to cut the ties that bind you to anything that’s holding you back. These can be relationships, situations, memories, fears - you don’t even need to be conscious of what it is specifically, just set the intention and it’s done. I like to visualize little cords of light that come out of my body and are attached to these weights. I then invite Michael to come in and cut the cords, which retract and pull all my energy back into my body.

Take an energetic shower:

Did you know that you can call on the energy of an element without having to interact with it directly? I really resonate with the healing powers of water, in particular its ability to move energy. I like to visualize myself standing underneath a shower with incredible water pressure, but instead of water, it’s energy washing over me. It starts at the crown and clears away any debris that’s been clinging to my energy field. After, I take 3 deep, calming breaths and step away feeling renewed.

EFT Tapping:

Emotional freedom technique is a wonderful way to move energy, and is easy to learn from YouTube videos online. If you’re able to take some time to yourself, it’s easy to do just about anywhere, however if privacy isn’t at your disposal, you can still leverage part of this powerful tool. Tapping starts from the karate chop point at the side of your hand, which is part of your body’s meridian energetic system. Even just tapping at this point on the side of your hand can help your nervous system dispel excess energy - especially if you’re already using EFT because your brain has made the correlation that tapping on this point is the beginning of energetic release.


Probably the easiest tool to access anywhere, taking deep grounding breaths will help bring you back into your body and start to quell any energy overloads. Those deep breaths support your brain by producing alpha waves, your feel-good brainwave, and they’ll help restore a sense of calm. As an added support, I like to envision myself as a tree, tethered to the earth, held and energetically nourished by the ground beneath me.

4) Call in your power + shields up

I hear a lot of teachers talk about clearing energy, and putting up energetic shields, but between these steps is a missing piece: inviting back your power. Let’s be honest, when those big energetic waves come in, and it’s intense enough that we need to do some clearing, we’ve surrendered parts of ourselves, and it’s integral that we call them back.

This doesn’t require anything more than intention and a powerful declaration. (We’re not talking deep work like shamanic soul retrieval here.) I like to powerfully state a prayer to call my power back, and then envision myself in a bubble of golden light to feel protected. I say, “I am sovereign, and solely responsible for my energy. I call back all the parts of me that have been let go, cast out, or taken. I am whole, healed, and complete.” I highly suggest you create your own because your words are powerful and magic.

5) Don’t forget to deep clean

While this article gives lots of ideas to do quick energetic fixes while you’re out in the world, it’s important to dive deeper when you have the time, space and energy to do so. Clear your field with sacred smoke like sage or palo santo. Take an energy clearing salt bath with high quality essential oils and crystals (and make sure to submerge your head so everything gets cleared). Work with meditation and rituals for bigger releases. (I’m a big fan of a full moon fire ceremony.) While it’s great to have quick fixes at your disposal, it’s important that you create the space to fully address the energies that have come over you too.

About the Author~

Seryna Myers is a spiritual teacher and business oracle, helping sacred leaders and visionaries bring their whole hearts and divine Truths to everything they do. She’s the host of The Lightwalker’s Path podcast, and creator of Due North, a 3 month journey to navigating life with your inner compass. Download her free e-book, The Lightwalker’s Guide to Energy Management here. You can find her at and on most social platforms as @serynamyers.

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