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How to Make Money Teaching Yoga {what your YTT probably didn't teach you!}

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Teaching yoga is such a powerful gift and there ARE ways to make money doing what you love! Join us for a life changing yoga teacher training in Greece or Thailand in 2020 here and get the essential business tools missing from most YTTs.

There is a misleading concept circulating around the internet that earning money from spiritual activities is either impossible or straight up out of alignment in nature. This is simply untrue. One can find a career in doing and teaching something that has hugely positive impacts on people around the world AND help you pay your bills.

Yoga is widely practiced all around the world because it has provided powerful healing to millions of people. It provides a tremendous impact on the spiritual and physical health of people, yet we still see so many yoga teachers and practitioners struggling to even pay rent and actually afford to continue doing what they love. This starving healer epidemic is taxing far too many wonderful teachers, so we're sharing some tips and tools here on the GoddessCeremony blog today to serve you, fellow yogi!

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way! There are so many creative ways to make a career and earn money from yoga. If you see yourself doing this in the near future, these are ideas that you may find helpful along the way.

1) Get yourself a proper Yoga Teacher Training

Take your time in getting to know all the different styles and kinds of yoga teachers to actually determine what kind of yoga resonates with you. Once you've got a clear type of yoga you love and want to teach, find a reputable yoga training. The sad truth is... not all yoga teacher trainings are created equal. Find a training with comprehensive programs that focus on anatomy, yoga for injuries, modifications and consent. This is why we teamed up with the leading yoga teacher trainer in the world, Candace Moore, to create the most comprehensive YTT. Not only will you learn how to be an excellent yoga teacher but you'll also learn important tools like yoga for trauma, modifications AND the business of yoga.

You can join us and YogabyCandace for TWO life changing yoga teacher trainings in 2020! A 200 hour YTT in Santorini, Greece and an advanced 300 hour YTT in Chiang Mai, Thailand! Get more details and sign up here for a free $500 gift.

2) Start teaching immediately and be consistent

Practice your teaching as soon as possible! Don't complete your YTT only to then not teach for a year or so. Instead, dive right in and start teaching at your local studio, community center or in the park to build your experience. Start connecting with other teachers and studio owners in the area and build your community. Being connected with a yoga studio is beneficial when you’re starting out your journey in yoga teaching mainly because of two reasons. First, you get to have a venue to teach and practice your skills and second, you get to expand your teaching opportunities and experience through their retreats, and other outdoor activities that can enrich your experience.

3) Be active and present in Social Media

Get yourself moving on social media! Whether your favorite is Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, start showing up there. Having an online presence is one effective way to connect with people like you. Share your story and anything that is authentic and genuinely you, because by doing so, you will attract like-minded people not only in your immediate area but all around the world. YogabyCandace teaches an entire module on social media for yoga teachers and it is nothing short of GOLD! Sign up for our YTT together here.

4) Find your niche as a teacher

Make sure that you know what you want and what you want to be known for. May it be prenatal yoga or sweaty vinyasa yoga, own it! Be good at it and own your style. If you are the kind of yoga teacher who swears occasionally, then own it! If you’re a yoga teacher that uses beautiful Kirtan music at the end, embody it! Be unique and be you. This way, people like you will find you and become your regulars. You don't need to teach 37 different styles of yoga to be a great teacher. Instead, you may find it advantageous to focus on one style or type of yoga.

There are so many creative ways to earn money from yoga. Aide from the four tips we mentioned above, here are other ways to earn from Yoga:

-Lead exclusive workshops

-Upload your yoga videos to Youtube and monetize your channel

-Connect with yoga brands you love and become a brand ambassador or sponsor

-Upload videos on Facebook and IGTV (these videos can soon be monetized!)

-Lead retreats, immersions and yoga teacher trainings

-Become a studio manager

-Start a yoga podcast (learn how to here!)

Now you're ready to share your message, do what you love and bring some abundance in! And we'll see you at our upcoming YTTs!

We also share various podcast episodes on the GoddessCeremony Podcast about money and the spiritual world, so make sure you subscrbe to iTunes, Spotify or Google Play!

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