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How to Celebrate the New Moon and 6 Powerful Moon Rituals

The New Moon is a POWERFUL time of the month that teaches us how to slow down, rest and be still. Want to learn how to use herbal remedies to balance your cycle and reduce menstrual cramps? Grab your FREE Herbal Remedies for Women E-book here!


In every cycle of 29.5 days, a new moon comes. What is the importance of this lunar period? What does this sacred lunar period entail for us women?

We often receive these kind of questions and we cannot wait to share with you amazing women on how to honor the new moon phase and why this time is so remarkable for us women!

New Moon Wisdom~

During this phase of the moon cycle, the sky is dark. The nights are significantly darker and the moon that usually sheds light to the night is not visible. This time of the lunar phase is when us women lean towards being our most introverted selves with the lowest level of energy at any point on our cycle.

When the moon wanes within, we as women aligns with it and heed the same call; to introspect and standstill.

Often times, when the new moon phase arrives, we feel an innate force calling for us to rest, be still, and take space in nourishing and pampering ourselves. This low energy phase is an important period for us to take time and take care of all the things that we need to honor ourselves for. Make the most of this time to extend ourselves that well-deserved self care.

The new moon phase presents a healing and nurturing space every month for catharsis, to rest, recharge and to let go. Here are some wonderful ways to honor this restful lunar time.

Six Ways to Celebrate Every New Moon time~

1. Set free what no longer serves you

The new moon is a great time and space to let loose of whatever is weighing you down. Write a note of everything that feels too much of an emotional weight for you and light the note into the fire. Let this burning process  transform your past wounds and heavy experiences transform into a new light, a new hope and a fresh start. I recommend this practice to be done everytime a new moon comes.

2. Take time for self-care

This moon phase is the most optimal time for you to give yourself that much-needed self care! There are endless ways to take care of yourself. Take some time and space to contemplate on what brings you nourishment and rejuvenation as woman. Whether it is getting a massage, walking in nature or just simply getting the right amount of sleep. Here are more self care ideas.

3. Offer yourself some alone time

Make sure you take some alone time during the new moon phase. May it be an hour or taking the entire day for yourself, use this precious time alone to be with your own thoughts, rest, rejuvenate and refresh for the next cycle to come. Own this time and space to relax.

4. Meditate on this moon phase

Practicing meditation with the new moon phase is deeply relaxing and enriches the soul. You can do this in many ways; meditating in silence, listening to a new moon meditation, or to a womb wisdom meditation. Find out what works for you and take 20 minutes or so to meditate.

5. Connect and ground with mother Earth 

Take time to bask under the new moon energy. Connect to the earth by grounding yourself barefoot to the grass and go for a walk. The earth’s negative ions are known to have healing and cell regenerating effects to the body. Make time to ground and connect and simply be one with the earth. This can also count as your self care practice.

6. Honor your cycle

If you have your menstruation during the new moon, you can make this experience a sacred one by choosing other alternatives that are way more empowering than synthetic pads and regular tampons.

If you want to sync your menstrual cycle with the new moon, click here to learn how.  Do note that it is also okay to bleed during the other moon times. Other women just prefer to have their menstrual period during this time.

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 May you be blessed with healing and rejuvenation for all the new moons to come! Make space and simply BE.

In lunar gratitude,

Cassandra Wilder

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