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How to Build a Successful Online Business that Helps Others

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

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Building an online business is such an exciting venture! If you've been dreaming of starting your business, growing your social media accounts and being recognized as a leader and authority in your field, you're in the right place!

Sometimes the most powerful careers are those that pick us. Many of us become yoga teachers just because we love the practice and then find we have a real gift teaching. Some of us grow massive social media accounts without trying but instead because we offer real value to our audience. I resonate with these stories. I built GoddessCeremony from a place of ease - not force - and I felt like it landed in my lap and simply presented itself.

Isn't it beautiful when that happens?

Here's four impactful tips to help you grow your online business and start serving your audience well!

1) Have a clear message and why

Your messaging is essentially your niche and how you show up. Are you showing up as the go-to person for trauma sensitive yoga? Are you the crystal guru? Do you want to attract people that love the same things that you do?

By getting clear on what it is you do and why, you'll know how to show up and speak to YOUR people.

Have you ever seen those "I help...." bios on Instagram? There's a reason for it! These people have gotten clear on who they serve and why. So for example, yours could be something like:

I help struggling yoga teachers build online businesses.

It clearly states who this platform is for and how you can help. Pretty cool right? Comment your help statement below once you come up with it!

2) Be yourself

Being authentic is so valuable to building an online business. If you're notorious for "keeping it real" in the spiritual world, then keep doing it! If you're a very calm, grounded meditation teacher, own it! Embody your style of doing things and know that no one can replicate your authentic style and voice.

3) Post regularly on social media and on your website

Consistency is key! As my favorite blogger Jasmine Star says, you can't expect your people to show up if you're not. If you're not posting a few times a week, it may be time to play with posting more often and seeing how your audience responds. Here at GoddessCeremony, we post daily on social media and have a blog daily but you definitely don't need to start there!

Try posting on Instagram every other day and adding one piece of content to your website weekly. Try it for a few weeks and then gauge the response!

4) Give real value

In your courses, trainings AND free offerings, make sure you're giving value. When you think of your target person, also think of the solutions they need. By thinking about YOUR people, you'll give them something that truly transforms them.

Which tip was fascinating to you?!

Find Cassandra on Instagram @menstruationqueen and let us know which tip you'll be implementing!


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