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How I Showed Up as a Leader in 2019

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

Cassandra Wilder is sharing her insights about 2019, what she learned and how she chose to rise up and be a better leader. Does this resonate for you? Join us for our 2020 Manifestation Workshop here!

In 2019, I stopped playing small and stood the $#@% up. 

I ditched the limiting patterns. I released feelings of inadequacy. I abandoned relationships, beliefs, habits and ideas that continued to leave me feeling small and stuck. 

This year, I showed up. 

While GoddessCeremony has been blossoming over the last few years, 2019 marked a significant shift for us. Our retreats became world class. We were recognized as leaders in women's health and spirituality. We launched new projects. We helped more women than ever before. And all of this was possible because I got out of my own way, welcomed in a powerful team of amazing women and chose to stand in the role as leader rather than dabbler. 

Here's what helped me show up in 2019:

-I niched down my niche and got 100% clear on GoddessCeremony's trajectory and vision AND my own personal vision. GoddessCeremony blossomed throughout 2019 with powerful retreats, trainings and tours and I got clear on my own personal brand. I fully embodied my role as an expert in menstrual cycles and personally branded into the Menstruation Queen. For years I was afraid to be too niched down (which ain't even a thing, girl) which made my posts and topics random and all over the place. As soon as I got clear on what I wanted to share, owned it and embodied it, my personal following grew massively.

-I brought on an incredible team of women to help me. For years, I was the do-it-all girl which led to burn out, depletion and ZERO time off. This year, I played with the work smarter, not harder model and hired women that are incredibly skilled at what they do (in fact, they do a better job than me!) and have watched them take GoddessCeremony to the next level.

-I invested in myself to study with world-class leaders and did the hard healing work. I stood in rooms with 15,000 other entrepreneurs and had my business details and stats out for everyone to pick at and dissect. I was willing to be the least experienced person in the room and learn from people who inspire me. This pushed me to grow on both a personal and business level.

-I decided to stop hiding. Most people think they are afraid of failure, but I think more people are afraid of their own success. A part of me carried this fear everywhere I went - what would happen if I DID make it big? What would happen if I did publish this book? What would happen if I did receive all of my dreams? In 2019, I decided to be bold, be unapologetic and rise into the woman I was always destined to be.

I am grateful for YOU in 2019. Thank you for being part of my journey, for witnessing my growth and for being part of this sisterhood.

2020 will be massively powerful - I can feel it.

Together, we can rise.

Big love,


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