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Healing The Throat Chakra

As Goddesses, it is essential that we have the ability to communicate out truth and stand firmly in our truth. Allow this blog post to provide you with tools to begin utilizing to heal your throat chakra. And be sure to not miss out on how to heal all of your chakras by subscribing to GoddessCeremony! Also, be sure to check out our Chakras and the Divine Feminine blog post to learn more about the chakra system.


Our throat chakra is located in the region of the throat, neck, and shoulders. The throat chakra is all about self-expression, communication, listening, and speaking the truth.

When we have a balanced throat chakra we can express our truths with ease, speak mindfully without fear, communicate clearly, thoughtfully listen, and be decisive.

When we have a blocked throat chakra, we may begin to develop ailments on both a physical and mental level. Some physical problems could include a sore throat, swollen glands, Thyroid problems, Laryngitis, and gum or tooth issues. And on a mental level, some problems could include addition, problems with decision making, problems expressing one’s self, and trouble finding words.

A blockage in the throat chakra could result in a quality of life problem that may result in being taken advantage of, being unable to get what you want, and no progression in life, work, or relationships.

Healing your throat chakra is vital to a healthy life. There are several different ways to heal the throat chakra and we are excited to let you know how!

The three most popular ways to heal the throat chakra is through nutritious food, crystal therapy, and aromatherapy using essential oils, which is what we will be focusing on.

Other effective healing methods include visualization during meditation, yoga, positive affirmations, sound therapy, chakra mudra, and reflexology!

Because the throat chakra is associated with the color blue, you will notice a common theme within the healing process. “In Buddist philosophy, this shade of blue represents the color of the mind, a mind that is still and pure such as the bright blue sky free of cloud.”

Healing foods include:




~Purple Grapes

~Dragon Fruit


Healing crystals include:



~Lapis Lazuli


~Blue Lace Agate

Healing essential oils include:

~Tea Tree





Healing the throat chakra is beneficial to not only yourself but others as well. The sacred truth of the throat chakra is to freely and openly speak your truth, listen to others well, and gracefully honor your inner voice. When you honor your throat chakra, you encourage others to as well!

How do you heal and honor your throat chakra? Share your practices with us in the comments below!

Much love & light,

Sarah Del Rey

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