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Heal Painful Periods and Reduce Menstrual Cramps with 4 Tips

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Menstruation is a powerful thing we experience each month as women, but it can be hard to embrace the wisdom of it when we're physically in pain. This blog will help you discover new ways to support your body. If you need support on your healing journey, you can grab a FREE 20 minute session with Cassandra Wilder ND here.


Sometimes it is a challenge to holistically embrace all that it truly means to be a woman in this modern world. Between cramps, lowered energy levels, bloating, it can feel like a stretch to truly enjoy your cycle. But what if I told you that you can ease these problems by simply embracing them? 

It's true!

When you start to welcome and embrace your menstrual cycle, it remarkably reduces menstrual pain and related symptoms.

That’s right. By simply embracing your monthly period (which will be visiting every month whether we like it or not), you will see a big transformation in your cycle.

Here are some ways and options that I personally recommend and have seen benefit the hundreds of women I've helped with their cycles. These 4 simple tips can make a world of difference in how you experience your cycle each month.

Here's 4 ways to reduce Menstrual Cramps:

-Embrace Your Menstrual Cycle

Honor this time of the month. Open yourself to the needs of your womb. From my experience, my cramps worsened whenever I tried pushing through and denying what my body naturally craved: rest. I teach women how to slow down and list to their bodies and learn how to read what their body needs throughout the month. You can take naps, enjoy a good bath or even get a relaxing massage. Learn how to make your cycle more sacred here.

-Skip the Tampons

Numerous women, myself included, noticed that our cramps significantly worsened whenever we used tampons. Most women notice a huge difference when switching from pads and tampons to natural products like a menstrual cup. Now, I absolutely LOVE menstrual cups and would recommend this to all women out there who are experiencing menstrual cramps. This is an amazing natural option instead of pads and tampons. Read more about menstrual cups and why we recommend them here.

-Load Up with Iron

There are a few great ways to get extra iron in your diet. It may be boosting your iron herbally or through meat intake - it is entirely up to you. Both are great options. Enjoying a good grass-fed steak on your cycle is one good way to load up some iron, if you eat meat. But, if you want it the herbal way, yellowdock tincture, nettle and some china root are great sources of iron. The last two have been my go-to sources for iron and used them to get through my chronic anemia few years back. See my 5 go-to herb recommendations for menstruation here.

-Get Some Rest

It is okay to slow down, relax and give yourself ample space and time to rest and recharge. Our bodies are doing so much work whenever we are on our menstrual cycle and they deserve to shed and rejuvenate in a supportive space. There are certain times of the month when we need more self care and rest and our menstrual time is an essential time to listen to our bodies and rest. Learn more about your cycle and when it's important to slow down here.

If you are interested in learning more ways on how to embrace your cycle monthly, you can listen and check out our podcast about empowered menstruation here!

Share your favorite ways to ease cramps! Comment below and tell us what worked well for you.

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