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GoddessCeremony x She's So Cool with Adrienne White

Adrienne White is the founder and CEO of Fempower Media, a global female empowerment media network dedicated to inspiring women to live a life they love, share their stories with confidence, and create positive change in their communities.

Hello, Goddesses!

My name is Adrienne and I am the host of She’s So Cool, a female empowerment podcast that has been listened to in over 100 countries around the world.

She’s So Cool initially started as an exclusively narrative-based show were I told the stories of strong and influential women. Think household names like Frida Kahlo, Lizzo, and Cleopatra.

I started the podcast because I wanted to learn from their journeys. I was seeking insight into their successes and gained so much more along the way.

Each episode is meant to empower listeners to embrace who they are, love themselves fiercely, and pursue their dreams.

This mission led me to seek out interviews with real women I looked up to, including Laura Borichevsky of Women on the Road Podcast, Ashley Flowers of Crime Junkie Podcast, and Jenna Transtrum and Maddie Carr of Senita Athletics.

I realized that these interviews gave me a deeper connection with the topics women are facing in modern society. So, I decided to say goodbye to my research-based show in exchange for thoughtful conversations with inspiring women like Cassandra Wilder.

In the She’s So Cool episode with Cassandra, you will hear us talk about a variety of topics. 

You can listen to my conversation with Cassandra here.

Adrienne White of She's So Cool and Cassandra Wilder of GoddessCeremony


Adrienne: “In one of your podcast episodes, you opened up and stated that you were comparing yourself to other people in the same industry to you. Can you speak more about how you reframed your perspective to drop this competitive mentality?”

Cassandra: “It took me a long time, in full transparency, to do that. When you go online, especially, you always feel like other people are ahead of you in the game. You know, they are making more money or they’ve got more followers or they’re seemingly, on paper, doing more than you.”

Tune in to hear how Cassandra discovered how to make her offerings unique and authentic to herself as a result of overcoming the comparison trap online.


Adrienne: You stated that attending your first women’s circle changed your life. I would love to hear more about this experience and how it specifically impacted you.”

Cassandra: “When I was finally able to look up and look around the circle, every single woman in that circle was looking right at me. Smiling. Just feeling me. Not trying to fix me. Not trying to ask what was wrong. Not trying to do anything. Just simply give me their presence and know that I’m not alone and that it’s okay. As you can imagine... at the end of that circle, I was hooked.”

Listen to the episode to hear the powerful details of Cassandra’s first women’s circle and why she decided to start facilitating women’s circles and offering women’s circle certifications.


Adrienne: I know you struggled with being sensitive in your younger years and that you initially saw this quality as a weakness. How did you rewrite this story into your sensitivity being a gift?”

Cassandra: “Many, many years. Many years of struggle to get to that point.”

You don’t want to miss the rest of Cassandra’s answer to how she began embracing her sensitivity and seeing it as a superpower.


Adrienne: You believe in the process of healing your story and transforming your wounds into your wisdom while living your purpose even when others don't "get it." You stated that over the last 7 years, there have been many stepping stones to finding yourself. Can you talk more about this journey and how it led you to where you are now?”

Cassandra: “Yes, so many parts of the journey and even when we think this is the end of the story, right, where everything’s perfect, then the Universe will either throw you a hardball and be like, ‘Just kidding.’ Redirected. Here’s a new lesson for you or you’ll simply find that there is a next step that you want to take.”

In this episode, you’ll hear Cassandra talk about her personal journey to discovering her path wasn’t leading where she thought it would and the beauty that resulted.


Adrienne: There was a point in your life when you discovered that you believed that your worthiness of love was tied to your success. I would love to hear more about your journey of self-love and acceptance and how you achieve that through giving yourself grace and compassion.”

Cassandra: “Self-love was always something that I said I did just fine and yet… If someone had truly come up to me and asked, ‘Do you love yourself?’ I think I would have felt that hesitation. When you start to tune into your own self-love, you start to recognize that ability to just recognize where you’re at now and that that is okay… and that the imperfections are okay. That you were never meant to be anything other than you are.”

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