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Get Your Morning Back: The One Daily Ritual That Will Serve You, Goddess

We are so honored to featured the beautiful writing of our sister Jennifer Madrid. Be sure to check out her first feature talking all about stepping in to your power and your purpose! Want to make sure you don't miss out on any of Goddess Ceremony's posts? Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to never miss a new blog!


We have heard so much on the importance of adopting a morning spiritual practice.

But do you really know at a pragmatic level why this is so essential to master?

What do you do 1st thing in the morning? Does it involve your phone in any way?

It’s okay, be honest. It’s just us girls. Independent of turning off your alarm clock.

Does it include checking social media, the news or the beloved email?

Or do you perhaps turn on NPR, a podcast or have a loved one wake you up? Or you wake up in just enough time to scramble and get to work on time.

Well in those early AM hours your mental faculties are pristine for inviting gratitude, peace, and welcoming and setting intention for your morning.

I get that this sounds high in the sky for most people because we’ve been wired to wake up immediately to the world first thing in the morning.

However, I can tell you from personal experience that building a more intentional practice to my morning routine has been the #1 thing that has brought balance in my life – it is an act of self-care and commitment to self.

Besides the EMF waves that are emitting from your phone- another article for another day- your morning alarm is seamlessly integrated into a device that can easily hijack your wakeful space. Instantly, your mind is hijacked, and you are at the mercy of your phone alerts. You are reactive to work emails, taken on a social media scroll adventure or emotionally consumed by the world news.

This drains your energy and sets you up to a “stressful” day – not only to the experiences you invite but to your energy field, your aura and your nervous system.

On top of the obvious, know that these distractions cause immediate gratification and psychologically we do become addicted. So, the ask here is to build greater awareness and know that it is okay to engage in all of these technologies but let’s build the discipline to set the tone of the day without our monkey minds being hijacked.

Just as we easily adopt a practice albeit hygiene to brush our teeth and take a shower; we can adopt a mental hygiene for your emotional well-being. The ability to do this will allow you to achieve and attack life with the same rigor consistency and integrity. You in time, serve as role model, by increasing your awareness, intuition and how you make decisions in your life. You move from being reactive and frazzled to making decisions with clarity and intention.

Remember self-love is in act of self-preservation and practicing daily healthy boundaries is self-love.

Boundaries are hard and we always think about it in relation to humans but digital boundaries are superbly important; cause they are not going away. It’s how you choose to engage with them that counts.

I leave you with the challenge to carve out 30 min to 2 hours of your morning without the addiction to engage socially with work, the world, so that you can regain your power and live a more purposeful and grounded life.

Share what offline activities you like to participate in with your morning rituals?

If you want to hear more about Jennifer’s journey tune into her podcast guest interviews on Her Work Radio and Yogi Fuel Podcasts.

With gratitude,

Jennifer Madrid

About Jennifer~

Jennifer Madrid, is the Creator of She Vibes High, a platform for empowering women to

step into their feminine power. Creation lives in the divine feminine and whether you are looking to create your own business, manifest your dream life, travel the world or all of the above it begins with connecting within.

Jennifer’s mission is to activate the necessary mindset shifts to radically change your life so you can begin to live from an inner sense of knowing – your power.

If you are looking to work with Jennifer, check her Group Coaching Program: Align + Activate that deep dives into mindset, spirituality + digital biz all with a soulful tribe by your side.

Follow her on Instagram and tune in to her latest podcast on Spotify or iTunes.

You can also connect with her on Facebook, Instagram and on her website.

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