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Full Moon in Pisces September 2020: Dreamy Dance

Happy Full Moon! To nourish your heart with this Pisces Full Moon, slow down and be gentle with yourself. Yoni steaming is a powerful self care practice to add in around the moon times. You can learn more about yoni steaming and buy an organic steam kit here.

Full Moon Pisces

September 2nd, 2020 at 1:22 AM EST

Dreamy, flowy and emotional - this Pisces Full Moon is like a tide of change.

Pisces is a great teacher in trusting the process and riding the wave, and that's the exact wisdom being granted here. With many unexpected turns showing up for many of us, we are given two choices: to fight the current or sail through the changes.

Magnified by the Full Moon, emotions may be heightened over the next few days as we reconnect to our most intuitive, sensitive nature.

If you've found yourself worrying or stressing about things outside of your control, this Pisces Full Moon slowly ebbs into fullness with the reminder to trust. To stop resisting. To soften your grip on control. And instead to look within.

Your intuition will likely feel extra strong over the next few days. Notice the gut reactions you get to things, decisions or ideas and trust those feelings. Pisces naturally teaches us how to stop looking externally for answers and instead teaches us to tap back into our inner knowing.

Your emotions are powerful. Your intuition is a guiding force. And now with this Full Moon you can tap into these innate parts of your being to find the next step forward. Whatever big decision or change you're experiencing, trust your gut and sensitivity.

This powerful Full Moon in Pisces is the gentle reminder to soften that we've all needed. It is the permission we've craved to trust ourselves. It is the reconnection to our emotions and the wisdom in sensitivity.

Here are three ways to harness this powerful Full Moon:

Feel it ALL

If emotions rise up over the next few days, FEEL them. Find a space you can feel safe in and release them. Remember that emotions are powerful and by feeling them, you create space to transmute them.

Lay out with the Full Moon

If possible, sit outside with the Full Moon tonight and take in the healing lunar energy. Sit on your porch, drive out into nature or simply lay your feet on the ground and take this time to reflect.

Notice where you can soften vs. resist

Grab a notebook and reflect on the things you have been gripping tightly onto. Where could you soften? Where could you release the expectations you have around control?

Other ways to celebrate:

-lay your crystals outside with the full moon

-make a full moon bath salt and enjoy a luxurious bath

-tune into the GoddessCeremony Podcast and get inspiration

-make a nourishing herbal tea to regulate your cycle

Feel it all with this Full Moon and find on the other side a greater connection to self.

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