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From 9-to-5 to Entrepreneur and the Radical Levels Needed to Step into your Power

We are so honored to featured the beautiful writing of our sister Jennifer Madrid. Over the next three weeks we'll be sharing her insights, wisdom and story here via the GoddessCeremony Blog, so be sure to check back in every Wednesday! Or, subscribe to our newsletter to never miss a new blog!


If you would’ve asked me 2 years ago if I would be in Asia, birthing a new biz and a new me I would’ve laughed hard. In fact, I was in Connecticut consulting for a health insurance company doing the classic J O B and enjoying all the luxuries that the corporate life provides. Yet, I still, like many of you desired more out of life. My soul wanted to fly and soar at levels that I could not conceive and always supported the motto “it’s only one life”.

Looking back, I have deep gratitude to have sat for years at firms, companies and learned all that I did. However, I also know that I took full part in serving others to a fault and undermined my value of self. Not to mention living up to expectations that society and the majority sign up to.

Each person and experience has a purpose in your life so never live in regret of your past or current circumstances but rather in great appreciation and curiosity of the lessons that it has and will pave for your future.

I believe we are all here to serve, teach, inspire and impact humanity. I am grateful that I choose to live in this lifetime and that I have chosen to shift my soul’s path to align with my mission.

It’s liberating to start to walk a path that was always available to me but I could not act on in the past or see the expansiveness that was possible.

I am excited about our future as a collective as we see the rise of the feminine power. The masks are starting to fall and we are able to see the debris of our lives and take radical responsibility. We are starting to not shy away from pain but embrace it.

Choosing to take radical responsibility was the platform for my transformation and shift to my higher self.

I had to accept that I was not an active player in my life and that I lived out of alignment as I did not exercise my voice and act towards my dreams.

So, what is this radical responsibility?

Yeah, love, it’s not merely paying your bills on time and being a model citizen.

Fleet Maull’s definition resonates with me fully.

“Radical Responsibility means radically embracing 100% responsibility and ownership of each and every circumstance you face, day in and day out in your life. Radical Responsibility is a trans-blame model, it is stepping out of the blame and shame paradigm altogether.”

How can you begin to practice radical responsibility in your life?

1) Heal and enrich your connection to self

2) Drop expectations and be comfortable in the uncertain; start to play with relinquishing control of outcomes.

3) Lead by example, act from your inner knowing, your intuition, your inner compass. Start to value her and connect with her.

4) Exercise your power of choice.

5) Embrace challenges as opportunities and lessons in your life.

6) Embrace daily and I mean DAILY ritual - consistency is so important.

7) Practice immense amount of gratitude and appreciate all you have today.

8) Invest in you always and create your reality. No one else will. It's your responsibility to take action.

9) You are an energy babe. And with that, you are the source of creating more and protecting it.

10) Believe in oneness, believe in humanity, the collective and your role within it.

Goddess, Mel Gibson states “You have been assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved.”

Now, begin to move it and enjoy the sweetness of living the path.

If you want to hear more about Jennifer’s journey tune into her podcast guest interviews on Her Work Radio and Yogi Fuel Podcasts.

With gratitude,

Jennifer Madrid

About Jennifer~

Jennifer Madrid, is the Creator of She Vibes High, a platform for empowering women to

step into their feminine power. Creation lives in the divine feminine and whether you are looking to create your own business, manifest your dream life, travel the world or all of the above it begins with connecting within.

Jennifer’s mission is to activate the necessary mindset shifts to radically change your life so you can begin to live from an inner sense of knowing – your power.

If you are looking to work with Jennifer, check her Group Coaching Program: Align + Activate that deep dives into mindset, spirituality + digital biz all with a soulful tribe by your side.

Follow her on Instagram and tune in to her latest podcast on Spotify or iTunes.

You can also connect with her on Facebook, Instagram and on her website.

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