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Cassandra Wilder Featured on 3 New Podcasts!

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

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GoddessCeremony's CEO Cassandra Wilder has been recognized as a leader in women's cyclical health over the last few years, and we're excited to share she was just featured in 3 more incredible podcasts this week!

We know so many of our community members have binged nearly every episode of the GoddessCeremony Podcast (#noshame) so we love sharing new interviews with you so you can continue to learn and connect with new incredible podcast platforms.

This week, Cassandra was featured on the Manifestation Lizified Podcast, the Modern Goddess Podcast and the Just Realized Podcast!

The Modern Goddess Podcast with Cassie Aurora

Wow - this episode was so fun! Cassie and Cassandra talk about ALL the thing - everything from birth control, cycle tracking, burn out, astrology and even the meaning of the name Cassandra (it isn't what you think!)

Tune into the interview on the Modern Goddess Podcast here

The Manifestation Lizified Podcast with Elizabeth Prats

This super informative episode dives in deep to cyclical health and business. Not just for entrepreneurs, this podcast discusses how women in the corporate world can track their menstrual cycle for more ease and balance in their daily lives. Do not miss this one!

Tune into the interview on the Manifestation Lizified Podcast here

The Just Realized Podcast with Katie Allen

Katie keeps it real on this episode as they talk about menstruation, cycles and other taboo topics in a fun and lighthearted episode all women need to hear!

Tune into the interview on the Just Realized Podcast here

Which one did you LOVE?!

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