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Cassandra's 2020 Intentions and Manifestations

Cassandra Wilder is sharing her goals, dreams and manifestations for 2020! Do you have big dreams and goals in 2020 too? Join the GoddessCeremony Collective NOW to build community, manifest your dreams and heal. Join here!

2019 was an incredible year, and I'm so excited for 2020 and all of the magic, potential and abundance it holds. 

As I reflected on 2019 and released old ideas, beliefs and patterns, I was overwhelmed with gratitude. Even though we likely all experienced pain and hardship of some sort in 2019, it's also likely that we are full of gratitude for the lessons, beautiful moments and guidance we received.

2019 was definitely the best year of my life, and I know 2020 will be even better!

These intentions are for my own personal journey, but you can read about GoddessCeremony's intentions and goals for 2020 (as well as a reflection on 2019!) here.

My 2020 Intentions and Manifestations:

-the GoddessCeremony Podcast ranks in the top 100 of iTunes and hits 100,000 downloads with ease

-I live in my dream home that is full of sunshine and expansiveness and surrounded by palm trees with the love of my life

-I wake up feeling joy, excitement and complete alignment every day

-I prioritize self care and nourishment always and carve out one evening a week for my favorite relaxing routine (a bath with Epsom salts, rose petals, essential oils and candles!)

-I try new hobbies like cooking classes and pottery making

-I join Platinum Partnership with Tony Robbins

-I travel to Europe and visit Greece

-I live close to my sister and see her family often

-I am abundant in love from my own inner healing, from my amazing partner and from my beautiful community

2020 will be a big year - I can feel it!

What are you manifesting in 2020?

Comment below and let me know!

Big love,


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