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9 Perfect Holiday Gift Ideas for the Goddess in Your Life

The holidays are coming up and we've got the perfect resource guide for you! Got a friend who seemingly has everything? Or someone that you maybe don't know super well but want to thank with a sweet gift? We've got you here! Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter here to get more ideas throughout the month of December!


The holidays are coming up and we've got your holiday gift guide! This gift guide is for any woman who is tired of giving the same old box store candle or Target gift card. Instead, this guide will help you pick the perfect gift for the magical, beautiful woman in your life who deserves something special and unique - like she is.

Here's your Holiday Gift Guide for the Goddess in your Life:

1) Sacred Goddess Tool Box

This gift is simple and yet has everything you need to truly give a unique gift. Full of crystals, sage, palo Santo and other magical tools, this tool box is perfect especially when you want a one-step shopping experience that is full of goodies.

2) Healing Services

Know someone that's a great massage therapist? Or do you have a friend that does energy work, card readings, reflexology or nails? Support your friend AND gift your sister a service that will help her rest, receive and feel like the queen she is!

3) Inspiring Books

Everyone loves a good book, so gift something that will inspire the sister you love! We've compiled a list of our favorite 11 books for women that could serve as the perfect place to start in gifting a book that's sure to inspire.

4) Online Yoga Classes

Yoga studios are great, but they're also not everyone's cup of tea. Especially if your friend or sister has been chatting about yoga but hasn't felt ready to commit to a studio, an online yoga class package is the perfect option for her! We love our Wild Goddess Yoga six class package because it will give her a loving container to explore yoga (without any judgement!) and support her in cultivating her intuition and finding her unique voice.

5) Handmade Jewelry

Crystal necklaces, handwoven beaded earrings, custom rings - the possibilities are endless! We love all of Meadow's gorgeous handmade crystal jewelry and the unique touches she adds to every order. Or if beads are more her style, check out Weave Gold and her beautiful custom beaded jewelry. These pieces will be timeless and something she cherishes forever.

6) Gorgeous Journals

Because who doesn't love a good journal?! There are so many cute journals on the market, but give her something truly unique with something like a Manifestation Journal. This magical tool will serve her all year long and help her manifest her goals. We love this Abracadabra Manifestation Journal and they've even extended a special coupon! Use code GODDESS15 to save 15%!

7) All Natural Bath Bombs

For the Goddess who seemingly has everything, give the gift of self care! Fizzing bath bombs are an amazing way to encourage self care and a quiet evening of relaxation. These bath bombs by Westing Organics are so gorgeous and the perfect addition to any gift.

8) A Crystal Lamp

We've all heard of salt lamps, but crystal lamps are even more magical and unique! Made from crystals like rose quartz or amethyst, these lamps produce healing negative ions and encourage stress reduction and relaxation. We love this amethyst lamp by Meadow's Crystals!

9) Something Homemade (and from the heart!)

Amazing gifts don't have to cost money. If you've got an epic chocolate chip cookie recipe or make the best homemade essential oil blends, give what you're passionate about! Add a cute label and you're sure to give something that truly is meaningful.

Know that whatever you give, your sister will feel so loved! If you utilize one of these gift ideas, let us know in the comments!


Team GoddessCeremony

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