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7 Tips When Healing HPV and the Cervix

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

The body is capable of amazing things and healing IS possible. When given the right tools, the body has an innate ability to heal. I'm here to walk this journey with you and help you get the results you have dreamed of. Apply to work with me here to address your HPV and Cervical Health. You've got this.

Human Papillomavirus, also known as HPV, is the most common Sexually Transmitted Infection. It is often thought of as harmless, though it may be linked to reproductive and cervical imbalances.

Over the last few years, I've witnessed women do incredible things with their health and so I'm here to remind you: Healing is possible.

If you're on the journey of healing your cervix from HPV or wanting to support your reproductive health as a whole, here's 7 important suggestions / tips to begin to implement on your healing journey:

- 7 Tips to Heal Yourself -

1) Choose to heal from a place of love, not hatred

So often when women are diagnosed with HPV (or any STI), there is a huge amount of shame, guilt and hatred that arises. Suddenly we feel defective, dirty and like we will never be able to be intimate again, have children or live a normal life.

If these fears have risen up for you, breathe through them. You will be okay. It is vital to begin your healing journey from a place of love for your body, not hatred. Believe that your body has an innate ability to heal and see this as an important part of your journey, not a massive obstacle.

2) Consider adding in anti-viral supplements or herbs into your regimen

Some herbs have powerful anti-viral properties that can help your body heal. Some powerful anti-viral herbs include oregano, cinnamon, garlic and artemisia.

3) Release the shame and remember you will be okay

Shame is one of the most toxic emotions we can feel in terms of our emotional and physical health. If you're feeling bouts of shame, guilt or fear, that is normal and okay. Choose to replace shame with compassion for yourself and begin this journey ready to heal.

4) Drink lemon balm tea

Lemon balm, also known as Melissa, is a powerful anti-viral herb that may be helpful for cervical health and helping the body heal from viruses. Some women have reported benefit to drinking 8-16 oz of lemon balm tea daily during their healing journey.

5) Consider vaginal steaming

Vaginal steaming is a powerful healing tool for womb health, cervical health and vaginal health. You can learn the do's and don'ts of vaginal steaming here and then book a private consult to get a custom herb kit made for you to help with your health journey.

6) Ensure your immune system is strong

Because your body is fighting something, keeping your immune system strong is important. Some important factors with your immune system include getting enough Vitamin D and Vitamin C (I recommend rose hips for Vitamin C) and avoiding foods that lower immunity. These include processed sugars and alcohol. Cigarettes and chronic stress also lower immune function.

7) Get support and a safe space to be heard

One of the most important things in your healing journey is ensuring you are heard and supported. While you may feel alone and like you can't tell anyone in your life about what's going on, it is important to find someone you can talk to. Find a therapist you can trust or book a private consultation with me. Here, we'll go into both the physical elements of healing AND the emotional layer for a powerful journey forward.

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Know that you are powerful and capable!

With gratitude,


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