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7 Things I’ve Learned Helping Women Heal Their Menstrual Cycles {Podcast Episode 54}

Your cyclical health is essential for your overall wellbeing and finding tools that work for you is incredible. Heal your cycles and rekindle your passion and purpose with Empowered Cycle with Cassandra Wilder ND. Click here to book your free 20 minute session with Cassandra and start getting support.

Women around the world are choosing to heal their connection to their menstrual cycles and start finding results. No longer are women accepting mediocre tools and resources and instead, women are demanding real support that gets them the results they desire.

Over the last few years, Cassandra Wilder has dedicated herself to understanding the innate cycles of the feminine and how we can approach healing when it comes to our menstrual cycle. While she began this journey with a passion to help women heal through natural remedies, over the years her approach has changed.

While physical support is key, she's found 7 other important things along her journey of healing and helping thousands of women regulate their menstrual cycles and find empowerment in their cyclical nature.

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In this podcast episode, you'll learn why Cassandra shifted her focus from general Naturopath in women's health to the cycle expert. She also shares how shame manifests into hormonal imbalances, why birth control may not be the best option to regulate your cycle and the emotional layer of healing.

You can listen to the newest episode on the GoddessCeremony Podcast to learn more about healing your menstrual cycle, the emotional components and why support is key below!

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