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7 Business Tips I Wish I Knew Five Years Ago {Podcast Episode 60}

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

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The business world and entrepreneurship can be incredibly exciting - but there's also many of those little things we wish we would've known in hindsight. What systems are best to start with? Should you niche down? At what point should you bring another person onto your team?

In this week's episode of the GoddessCeremony Podcast, we're talking about entrepreneurship and what Cassandra wishes she would've known 5 years ago. After growing her team, niching down and making her business presence more authentic and relatable, she's watched GoddessCeremony grow into a powerful platform for women.

You'll learn what Cassandra wishes she would've known 5 years ago, at what point you should niche, when it's time to hire someone, why being authentic is key and so much more in this week's episode!

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