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5 Ways to Shift Your Energy, Even if You’re Feeling in a Funk

We're honored to share this amazing guest blog post by Seryna Myers. Seryna is a spiritual teacher and business oracle that helps sacred leaders and visionaries bring their whole hearts and divine Truths to everything they do. Over the next couple weeks, Seryna is writing a few articles for the GC Blog so keep checking in weekly to read more!


We all have natural rhythms, and our energy will ebb and flow along with them. Each aspect of the flow has an opportunity to learn and grow, meaning that even the lowest funks can be incredible teachers. While our natural inclination may be to do whatever it takes to bring the funk to an end, using these techniques allows you to honour the lessons the flow has to offer, while still shifting towards feeling more joyous.

Tune into your inner monologue

One of the best tools you can have is the ability to distinguish the difference between ego and essence. The voice of essence is always from a place of love, will never leave you feeling confused, and tends to be short and direct. It doesn’t need to be flowery or elaborate because it’s always from a space of total Truth.

Ego on the other hand, is known to be loud and critical, but as you get further on your path, it begins to shape shift to become more of a chameleon so you don’t notice it as easily. Don’t be fooled, its mission remains the same: keep you from living your light. Instead of being harsh, it may be cryptic or confusing, whereas essence is always clear and concise. If you find yourself going down a rabbit hole, looking for signs and trying to decipher what seemed to be a message you’ve downloaded, you’ve been hearing the ego and not your highest self.

Flip the script

When you’re listening to your inner monologue and you catch your thoughts being really critical or condemning, interrupt it, and re-write the thought right there, on the spot. For example, “I can’t believe she’s wearing that.” becomes “How great to be so boldly self expressed.”  For extra credit, ask yourself why you felt compelled to make that judgment in the first place. The things you’ll find may surprise you.

Some of those critical thoughts come from the ego, and are being used to keep you in line, but a lot of them come from your childhood, from cultural conditioning, even the stuff you see in the media. When you choose to change the dialogue, you’re re-writing that ingrained pattern and taking a powerful stand for what you will and will not allow to take up space in your mind and energetic body.

Listen to your shadows

This may sound counter-intuitive, so I want to make a distinction: I’m talking about LISTENING to your shadows, but not believing them. Our ego voice and shadow aspects are the parts of us that still have healing work to do, and they speak from the heart of our wounds. Because of this, they can be one of our biggest teachers, so long as we hear what they say, and then read between the lines a little.

When the shadow whispers, “You’re not good enough.” what it really means is there’s still some work to do around your confidence. When it sneers “Who do you think you are?” it’s asking you to claim your greatness, so you know it with unshakeable certainty, helping others know it too.

Until we can see these unhealed (or works-in-progress) aspects of ourselves, it’s hard to do the work to claim them. To listen to the shadows, is to shine the light in our unexplored parts, and heal where we need it most.

Shape your outer world

Last year Marie Kondo had us decluttering our homes, keeping only the things that feel good, but have you considered doing that to the content you consume? The nightly news, TV shows and movies that make our nervous system light up, following celebrities whose lives (and bodies) we covet, and looking up old lovers on social media doesn’t exactly spark joy for the long term.

We need to regularly spring clean our outer world, so we are engaging with more of what lights us up and inspires us, and less with the soul sucking stuff that bums us out. Make the unfollow button your friend. Your happiness thanks you in advance.

Make positive thoughts part of your day

Some people believe the only way to be positive is to ONLY think positive thoughts, but I think that’s a pretty high standard to set while still living an authentic life. I do however believe that integrating positive thoughts throughout your day can have a positive effect on your overall happiness.

Writing yourself love notes on your bathroom mirror, listening to sacred music with mantras on your commute, and making all of your passwords inspirational words or affirmations are clever ways of sneaking in a dose of positivity in your day. Be strategic with the messages you use - if you can address your shadow stories and ego whispers to reinforce the positive, all the better. Never underestimate the power of a post-it with the right message stuck on your monitor. Even when you’re not deliberately looking at it, it’s part of your peripheral view for 8 hours a day.

These simple techniques won’t cost you a thing, and the payoff is priceless.

When you take the time to learn from the dips in your energy instead of immediately trying to alter them, you get to lean into soul expansion, while still actively engaging with how you wish to show up in the world. Never forget that in every moment, you have the ability to choose. So what do you want to choose next?

About the Author~

Seryna Myers is a spiritual teacher and business oracle, helping sacred leaders and visionaries bring their whole hearts and divine Truths to everything they do. She’s the host of The Lightwalker’s Path podcast, and creator of Due North, a 3 month journey to navigating life with your inner compass. Download her free e-book, The Lightwalker’s Guide to Energy Management here. You can find her at and on most social platforms as @serynamyers.

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