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5 Things to Know Before Leading a Sacred Women's Circle

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Leading women's circles is an incredibly special gift to offer the world. We firmly believe that ALL women deserve a safe and sacred space to connect with like-minded women, which is why we created our Certified Sacred Women's Circle Creatrix Training! Learn the art of guiding circles, how to grow you community and rise into a leader with our Signature course! Grab your spot now.


A question we see a lot on Instagram and via email is this - "Hi, I've dreamt of leading women's circles but I have no idea where to begin. What do I need? How do I get started? What should I know before guiding circles?"

And I get it! I attended women's circles for a long time before guiding my first circle on an island off of Thailand and I too had all of these questions. I feared doing it "wrong" or not supporting everyone as much as they needed.

If you've been wanting to learn how to lead sacred women's circles in your community, this blog will be helpful for you!

Here's 5 big things to remember before leading your first women's circle

1) If possible, attend circles yourself first

While this isn't possible for everyone, attending circles is a great way to get your feet in the water. Many women who sign up for our Women's Circle Creatrix Training do so because there are zero circles in their area, but if you live somewhere with other circle options, attend them!

Every circle is so unique and it's beautiful to see the many different expressions of women's circles. This is why in our Women's Circle Creatrix Training, we give you the structure, tools and outlines you need to thrive in a circle while also leaving plenty of space for your own authentic voice and passion.

2) Get clear on your why

Before leading your first circle or event, I recommend taking some time to marinate on your WHY. Why do you want to support women? What belief do you have about circles? Why are you called to do this work?

By getting clear on your why, you'll ignite this fiery passion within you to serve, support and celebrate women on their journeys.

3) Collaboration > Competition

If you know of other women in your community guiding circles, CELEBRATE THEM! As we walk this path supporting other women, we too must live this. Remember that other circle leaders are never your competition and rather, your most sacred allies.

Reach out to them. Take them to coffee. Get to know their story. And see what's possible for collaborations, support or friendship.

4) Remember that it is not your job to heal anyone

A common misconception is that a circle is a place where we as facilitators heal others. The simple truth is that you cannot heal someone else. Healing is a personal journey that can only be fully done by the person themselves, and having a belief that you are here to heal everyone will not serve your circles or women attending.

Instead, remember that a circle is a place to REMIND women that they are powerful enough to heal themselves. A circle is a place where we give women the tools they need to rise up and heal themselves. Now that's empowerment!

5) Get support and training tools so you can support women

While women historically learned how to support one another and lead a sacred circle, most of us have never had the background or insight we need to lead circles. Getting trained in circle ethics is essential to ensure you know how to safely guide women through emotional releases, be sensitive and aware of cultural rituals and backgrounds, understand how to protect your energy during a circle and how to lead circles that are in integrity with both your beliefs and the Divine Feminine.

Just like yoga, energy work or astrology readings - you don't have to be certified legally, but having the proper training and background in these powerful offerings is ESSENTIAL to ensure everyone who comes to your circle is supported fully. You can learn more about getting certified to lead women's circles here.

Are you excited to lead your first circle?! We're so excited you have felt called to do this work! Join us for an upcoming training to learn how to lead circles and watch your powerful mission come to life!

In gratitude,

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