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5 Routines to Supercharge your New Year {Podcast Episode 51}

We're so excited to share our FIRST podcast episode of 2020 with you! Be sure to download your FREE herbal recipe PDF to start nourishing your body in 2020 here!

You've set the goals and intentions - now what? What routines or habits could you start implementing to help you stick to your big goals, feel connected to your purpose and nourish you throughout the month?

In this episode, Cassandra is sharing her 5 big routines for 2020 that she believes will supercharge your year! The little routines you do throughout the day ultimately shape habits and these will create your reality. Join Cassandra in saying YES to routines that will support you and keep you balanced throughout the year.

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2020 is all about balance, listening to your body and ending these cycles of go-go-go and burn out. These 5 routines will help you stay consistent, balanced and connected to your intuition while remaining productive. Don't miss this episode!

And, download your FREE PDF with Cassandra's favorite herbal recipes and go-to herbs and start nourishing your body throughout the month! Download it here.


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With gratitude,

Cassandra Wilder


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