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3 Powerful Ways to Support Breast Health and Prevent Breast Related Diseases

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Supporting breast health is so incredibly important! And learning how to care for your breast health is an empowering journey. This blog will give you some insights and tools to make informed decisions for your health. Need some extra support and guidance? Book a FREE call with Cassandra Wilder ND to start your healing journey here.


Our breast health is a key aspect of our overall health as women. Keeping them nourished and cared for will help us avoid dis-ease in the breasts, and we're excited to share our top tips with you. Making time to do these three simple recommendations will promote healthier breasts and also become an empowering self care routine.

In this modern day with the rise in cases of breast-related illnesses, it is necessary for us as women to be informed aware of the best ways to support our breast health. This is the information all women need to know about their health.

3 Important Ways to Support Breast Health

#1: Free your breasts and limit bras

Contrary to the misbelief that going braless will give you saggy boobs, going braless is incredibly good for our breast tissue. We sag and lose our breasts’ perkiness by constraining them with bra, as discussed in this study  published by Medical New Today. But far worse than having saggy breasts is the imminent danger of constricting the flow of your lymph and the higher risks of breast cancer. 

85%of our lymph fluids drain from the breasts to the nodes near the armpit. Wearing constricting bras can block this flow and may increase health risks, such as breast cancer. Dr. Michael Schachter explains this extensively, here.

Have you ever experienced the sensation of relief when taking off your bra after a long day of wearing it and felt the need to shake your chest out? This is natural for women who are used to wearing tight undergarments and shirts most of their lives. By doing this, the flow of your lymph is constrained due to the tightness of your bra and often when you remove it, you feel the urge to shake them off to let the lymph flow move. 

The book "Dressed to Kill: The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras" illustrated these disturbing statistics:

--Women who wore a bra for an average of 24 hours in a day had an increased chance of developing breast cancer with the odds of 3 out of 4.

--Women who wore a bra for over 12 hours in a day, but did not wear it to bed had a 1 out of 7 probability of getting breast cancer. 

--Women who wore a bra for less than 12 hours in a day had a 1 out 52 chance of developing breast cancer. 

--And, women who occasionally wore bras had a 1 out of 168 chance of developing breast cancer.

As you see, there is an incredible difference in the effects of how long you wear your bra each day! So, lessening your bra time will make a huge difference overall.

Does this mean you can't wear a bra? Of course not! But do opt for bras without underwire and that are incredibly soft and unrestrictive. If you have a larger cup size and need more support, try to limit the number of hours per day you wear a bra and ALWAYS sleep bra-less.

Also note that sports bras can be equally as restrictive, so avoid wearing a sports bra all day as this also constrains lymph fluid.

#2: Massage your breasts regularly!

Physicians usually advise regularly checking your breasts for lumps or any irregularities, and gently massaging your breasts regularly simply takes it to the next level!

Right after showering, put an ample amount of organic coconut oil on your breasts and start massaging them. You can do it in a circular pattern and you can also lift your arm and massage down the sides and beneath your breasts to reach deeper tissues. By doing this, you stimulate the flow of your lymph and also will know if anything feels off or irregular in your breasts. This simple self care practice only takes a few minutes and can be done a few times a week.

#3: Stop using your anti-perspirant deodorant

Numerous research studies have shown that the use of anti-perspirant deodorant can be dangerous to our breast health. The aluminum found in deodorants can be stored and absorbed by the breasts which may cause breast-related problems and complications. Our breasts and lymph ducts in our armpits are directly connected and influenced by each other.

Another pressing issue of anti-perspirant deodorant is its main function itself: preventing us from sweating! Why is this bad? Your body’s natural process of detoxifying is through the sweat glands in our body. If we use anti-perspirant deodorant, your body cannot detoxify through perspiration in your armpits and in turn, may store the toxins - you guessed it right -  in your breast tissue. 

Stop using anti-perspirant deodorant and explore many great natural alternatives that are available. My personal favorites are HBC Organics Deodorant and Nourish Organic Deodorant. 

As women, our breast health is of great importance to us. Support your breast health with these three simple steps and see massive changes in how you feel about your breast health.

What are your empowering breast health practices? Comment below!

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