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2020 Intentions from GoddessCeremony

What's on the horizon from Team GoddessCeremony? This blog post will give you some insights into what we're up to, what we're dreaming of and how you can get involved! As always, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to be the FIRST to get access to retreats, events and courses!

2019 was a big year for us at GoddessCeremony.

We are so incredibly proud of our many accomplishments, the way we showed up and our drive to improve and grow. Because of amazing women like YOU here in our community, we rose to the leader of women's retreats and our podcast began ranking on iTunes within the first few months. Thank you!

This year, we were proud to have:

  • Led over 12 amazing Sacred Goddess Retreats and connected with hundreds of amazing women from around the world

  • Sold out 3 of our powerful Women's Circle Creatrix Trainings and trained nearly 30 amazing women to guide sacred women's circles in their communities

  • Launched the GoddessCeremony Podcast and released 50 episodes throughout 2019 every Monday. The podcast also started ranking in the top 50 of iTunes under Self Development!

  • Launched our Spiritual Podcasting course to teach powerful entrepreneurs how they could launch their own podcast with simple, easy to follow steps and outlines

  • Continued to release a brand new blog EVERY DAY on the GoddessCeremony Blog Monday through Friday. We have over 625 blogs live on the website! Wow!

  • Brought on a team of powerful women with similar visions: to support women around the world. Because of this, our online presence grew, our social media blossomed, our emails were answered much quicker and we were able to serve more women

  • Guided our empowering online courses Embodied Wisdom, our Women's Blessingway Training and the final run of our Manifestation Course with over a hundred women

  • Launched our GoddessCeremony Collective and cultivated a powerful community of sisterhood as we dived into healing and personal transformation

  • Consulted dozens of women with Cassandra's private Naturopathic Services AND through the launch of Menstruation Queen, Cassandra's signature 3 month immersion offering

  • Were featured on almost 30 other high level podcasts! See the list here!

  • Began training new retreat facilitators to help GoddessCeremony reach MORE women in 2020

  • Shifted our course and membership backend to a far more epic platform that serves our communities well: Kajabi. If you have courses or trainings, their platform is a MUST

Phew! What a year! We talked more about our lessons from 2019 in our podcast episode here. (It's a good one!!)

And now, we're ready for an epic 2020!

Our GoddessCeremony Intentions for 2020:

-To serve over a thousand women through online courses, retreats and events. We LOVE connecting with women in person and cannot wait to meet more of you around the world this year!

-To transform our in-person offerings with retreats, events and workshops. We'll soon be announcing a MASSIVE and exciting new offering that we'll be sprinkling in during 2020 to connect with more of you and give you more support, empowerment and community! Stay tuned!!

-To continue our amazing podcast and sprinkle in more powerful guests and teachers to bring you more wisdom in this amazing free platform.

-To visit Europe for our very first Europe GoddessCeremony Tour! Dates and info are coming soon!

-T0 launch our first community project and raise money for a cause we're deeply passionate about: women's access to sanitary products. In 2020, we'll be donating a portion of all proceeds to women in need.

-To expand our GoddessCeremony Collective massively, bring in world's leading experts and build a community unlike any other.

-To be featured on over 50 other podcasts as expert guests.

-To completely train two new GoddessCeremony Certified Retreat Leaders and weave their unique wisdom into new types of Goddess Retreats

-To build our community in Menstruation Queen and call in 13 powerful women per quarter who are ready to heal their debilitating cycles and rise into leaders.

We are so grateful for YOU in 2019. We cannot wait to stay connected in 2020 and do big things together. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to find out about events and courses and follow us on Instagram.

2020 , we're ready for you!

Together, we can rise.

Big love,

Team GoddessCeremony

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