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2020 Business Tools Every Entrepreneur NEEDS to Know About

Cassandra Wilder is sharing her biggest business advice and tools that every entrepreneur should know about in 2020! Join the GoddessCeremony Collective NOW to build community and connect with other powerhouse women like you!

If you have your own business, big or small, there are some big things you need to know for 2020.

All of us are feeling expansion and growth on the horizon in 2020, and there are some tools that can really help us succeed and grow in the coming year.

2019 was a big year for us at GoddessCeremony with lots of big expansion, team building and community, but we also learned some things the hard way.

Our business grew quicker than our infrastructure could handle (both as a growing team and backend tools like our website and email provider) so we had to adjust quickly and grow on the spot.

I'm sharing my biggest tips and tools that all entrepreneurs should know about. Frankly, these are tools I wish I had known about before I launched everything the way I did but hey, lessons are equally as valuable as successes!

Business Tools You Should Be Thinking About in 2020:

-Invest in processes that actually work! Yes, your $9 a month website may work in some ways but likely, it is seriously lacking when it comes to customer retention, backend courses or funnels. This year we upped our game and joined Kajabi so that we could serve all of our customers FAR BETTER with our Collective, Online Courses and Free Trainings. Kajabi is literally the most incredible website tools we've ever seen and so I'd highly recommend checking them out, ESPECIALLY if you offer online courses. And, they give you two free weeks to try it out (I wasn't sold until I saw what was possible with our courses!)

-Step it up on social media and speak to your target person. If you've never taken the time to think of WHO you are actually speaking to in your business, now's the time! Who do you serve? What are her hobbies? What are her beliefs like? What does she do for work? What are her struggles? Write this all out and you'll be able to speak to your audience in a way that really resonates.

-If you have considered launching a podcast, 2020 is the year to jump up and do it! Please ditch the beliefs that somebody else probably did it so what's the point and replace it with I have a big message to share in a large scale platform like a podcast! Learn how to successfully launch your podcast here.

-Follow the D.A.D Principle. Look at everything in your business and ask yourself where can I: delegate, automate or delete? Can you delegate an unimportant but mega time consuming tasks like updating your website or reaching out for promotions? Can you automate any of your processes so that everything works FOR YOU (this is where Kajabi is THE BEST!) Or, is there something you need to delete? A process that sucks time away from you? An offering that people aren't really resonating with anymore? Delete it.

-Find your genius zone and operate there. I did a whole podcast episode about the Genius Zone (listen to it here!) and it's about finding the roles in your business where you THRIVE. Your genius zone includes roles that you love doing AND are really good at. For me, managing the GoddessCeremony Facebook page, Pinterest accounts and IG were stressful and NOT my zone of genius, so I hired our Social Media Manager / Guru Sarah and she has rocked it. Grab some sticky notes and write one task on every task in your business and divide it up into categories to find your genius zone.

-Release competition and comparison. Yes, we've all done it. Whether it's a podcast episode we feel we should've recorded first or a gorgeous Instagram photo, likely we're all guilty of comparing ourselves and our journeys to someone else's. I encourage you to switch out comparison for celebration. The more we celebrate other people's successes, the more good things we'll find flow our way.

-Invest in yourself and keep on learning. The truth is: We are forever learning and growing and so it's essential to find your mentors and work with them. Whether you like private coaching, group courses or seminars, find your people and grow with them.

-Connect with entrepreneurs you love and introduce yourself. Is there someone online you look up to? Or someone that you feel really speaks to you? Send them an email and introduce yourself! Perhaps they've been needing someone like you for a podcast connection, guest blog post or collaboration. You may be amazed by what is possible by simply taking the time to connect. (In my opinion, email is better than an Instagram DM and is more professional)

-Remember that this will be your BEST year yet! You've got this.

2020 will be a big year - I can feel it!

What are you committed to doing in 2020?

Comment below and let me know!

Big love,

Cassandra Wilder