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  • Katya Weiss-Andersson

New Moon in Scorpio October 2019 - It's Witch O'Clock

Happy New Moon, sister! We're honored to have Astrologer Katya Weiss-Andersson here on the GoddessCeremony Team sharing her astrology insights for this New Moon in Scorpio! Things are getting witchy!

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In most parts of the Northern Hemisphere, that transitional season of

Fall-that-still-kinda-feels-like-Summer has ended. The dark is darker, the cool is cooler. It is all too fitting that this is where we meet Scorpio season, a Mercury retrograde, and a new moon.

Healthy Scorpio energy is interpersonally magnetic, deeply intuitive, passionate, beautifully deep and complex, sensual, brave and intense. Unhealthy Scorpio energy is secretive, resistant to vulnerability, obsessive, jealous, manipulative, and especially prone to toxic coping mechanisms and self-destructive spirals. Scorpio is unique because it’s a three-leveled archetype: there’s the Grey Lizard Scorpio, the Eagle Scorpio and the Phoenix Scorpio. The Grey Lizard is the self-destructive, tormented, seemingly dysfunctional Scorpio, the Phoenix is the unstoppable, wise, self-aware, powerfully alchemical Scorpio who’s done the long and hard work of battling their demons and surviving. The Eagle is the Scorpio in the midst of doing that work and rising out of the muck- collectively, that’s where we’re at right now.

Sunday’s new moon sits in opposition to Uranus; we already know that the new moon is a time for introspection, but in this particular case, we need to look at the problematic parts of ourselves that have lingered around for a while. What might that look like for you? Maybe it’s bad habits, like a longstanding addiction to your phone that’s chronically eating up your time and getting in the way of being present (I’m calling out myself with that one.) Maybe it’s trauma imprints blocking us from manifesting what we want by telling us we’ll never get it. Maybe it’s self-destructive patterns that we picked up in childhood, or false narratives we learned from our upbringing that are still causing us to erase and oppress people who are different from us. Maybe it’s habits of exploitation, appropriation or erasure in your spiritual practice. What is sacred right now is to witness it, own it, honor that you know better now, and shift as necessary.

Mercury and Venus are both in Scorpio, bringing those intense and sometimes brooding energies into the realms of our communication and relationships; be mindful of how this comes up for you. We are also deep in the shadow of our upcoming Mercury retrograde, which will take place 10/31-11/20. You’ve heard me say this before, but Mercury retrogrades are a time to slow down and re-evaluate the ways in which you communicate with the world. Expect miscommunications and glitches, if you’re not experiencing them already. Learn how to thrive when mercury goes retrograde here.

As we transition into the darker, slower-paced, more introspective time of year, it’s possible that some more deep, messy, complicated feelings might come up that we were conveniently busy enough to tune out during the more buzzing seasons. This is the time to honor those emotions. What helped me to finally dissolve my resentful dread of the colder, darker months was to wrap myself up with ritual, focus deeply on self-development and passion projects, and to get real about allocating my time and energy with presence, mindfulness and intention. That’s what magic is, and that’s what Scorpio season is about.

October 31st marks Samhain, a traditional holiday commemorating the thinning of the veil between our world and the spirit world. It’s a beautiful time to connect with the spirits or memories of loved ones who have passed on and/or, if it’s not too woo-woo for you, your spirit guides. Learn how to celebrate it here.

Although pop culture and candy companies have hijacked the spooky season, this really is a time to get on board with any witchy rituals that feel good to you. This could be as simple as making yourself a cup of herbal tea every morning. Just make sure that in the midst of hunkering down, you’re actively taking inventory of the habits, patterns, and perpetuations you carry from your past that need clearing out. Also, if you haven’t had your annual Hocus Pocus viewing yet, what are you even doing.


Three Ways to Celebrate this New Moon:

1) Make a little ancestor altar, or honor loved ones who have passed by telling stories about them, putting up pictures of them, or enjoying some of the things they enjoyed.

2) Do some sex magic- alone. Use the power of your body’s currents of sexual energy for the clearing of whatever habits and patterns you’ve identified as needing to go. Engaging in sexuality as conscious ritual- and understanding that sexual energy is uniquely potent in spiritual work- helps to clear out any lingering shame that surrounds it.

3) Get a tarot reading or play around with a tarot deck. If you’re a big skeptic, treat this as an exercise in relating to your own intuition and having it interface with the ongoing events of your life. If you’re down with the woo, use this as a way to connect more deeply to your spirit guides.


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Stay spooky and enjoy this portal!

With gratitude,

Katya Weiss-Andersson -GoddessCeremony Astrologer-

About the Astrologer~

Katya Weiss-Andersson offers resources for holistic wellness through multiple modalities. As a plant-based chef, she caters retreats and events across the United States. As a RYT-200 yoga teacher and kirtan artist, she teaches yoga asana and

Bhakti music. She works with astrology, plants, movement, sound and intersectional queer theory as tools for healing on the individual and community level. Her writing on food and wellness has been published on GoddessCeremony, Greatist and others and her website is She is the proud mom of one plant and one queer kickball league in Durham, NC.

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