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6 Great Herbs for Vaginal Steaming

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Vaginal steaming is a powerful healing modality that has been practiced for thousands of years. We wrote an in-depth post all about vaginal steaming here so if you're new to this practice, start there!

Often women hear about steaming and get so excited! Not only is steaming helpful for overall preventative healing, but traditionally it was used to help the body heal. There are some amazing herbs for overall health and healing with vaginal steaming, so we're sharing our top 6 herbs for vaginal steaming below.

First though, please know that if you are not experienced with herbs, proceed with immense caution. Herbs are incredibly wise and can cause reactions if they are used incorrectly. If the idea of working with herbs sounds overwhelming to you, we recommend purchasing pre-made vaginal steam herb kits from us to ensure they are made correctly and safely.


Here's 6 great herbs for steaming ~

1) Lavender

Lavender is a beautiful gentle herb that supports the rebalancing of pH and offers the body a sense of calmness. This is a great herb to add into any steam as the fragrant smell will immediately relax you. This is a great herb to add in especially if you are steaming before bed.

2) Red raspberry leaf

This powerhouse herb is the ultimate tonic for women. High in iron and toning, this astringent herb has been revered as medicine for hundreds of years by midwives. This herb is lovely to support the tissue of the vagina and help the body heal.

3) Lemonbalm

Also known as Melissa, this beautiful herb helps to rebalance the pH of the vagina and gently cleanse or disinfect. Some women have found that lemonbalm helps them with low grade infections or unpleasant odors.

4) Rose

This beautiful feminine flower may help to tone the vagina, rebalance the vaginal flora and support irregular discharge. It also adds a beautiful smell to your steam!

5) Nettle leaf

This wonderful go-to herb is full of minerals and nutrients that can be absorbed by the body through steaming. Dark green and vibrant, this herb is helpful for overall health and healing in the vagina.

6) Chamomile

Another wonderful gentle herb, chamomile helps to soothe the vagina, support healthy pH and allow the body to release stress and tension. Lavender and chamomile are a wonderful combination together!


Steaming is such a life changing practice that many women choose to do twice a month. As a reminder, NEVER steam when you are pregnant or menstruating. If you have an IUD, you must also be extremely cautious.

We offer 1:1 phone consultations for women who want a custom made vaginal steam blend. This session with our Naturopath will determine what herbs you need AND includes a 3 month supply mailed directly to you. Purchase this option here!


Looking for more information on how to support a balanced cervix? Check out our exclusive workshop with Dr. Cassandra on maintaining a healthy cervix and addressing cervix imbalances like cervical dysplasia, irregular Pap smears and HPV

If you choose to start steaming, let us know below!

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