• Katya Weiss-Andersson

Full Moon in Aries October 2019 - the Bonfire

Happy Full Moon, sister! We're honored to have Astrologer Katya Weiss-Andersson here on the GoddessCeremony Team sharing her astrology insights for this Full Moon in Aries! Things are getting intense!

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If you're feeling a burst of intensity today, you may be tapped into the full moon in our Libra season sky. Aries energy is bold, bright, youthful and energetic, which comes in handy for the lasting change we get to create here and now. This astrological moment is all about shifting and adjusting to create big impact in our personal trajectories, and the unjaded power of the Aries full moon is here to fuel us through those changes.

This moon is called the Hunter's Moon, which in reality just refers to it being the full moon of the month of October, but in this case carries a little more astrological significance. This moon demands that we hunt down our own psychological obstacles that have been holding us back. We can think of the energy of this full moon like a giant bonfire, both shining bold light on parts of us we may not want to acknowledge, and calling to burn away inner mechanisms that we may feel reluctant to release. These mechanisms may include codependency, boundary issues or conflict avoidance, people-pleasing, toxic coping mechanisms, the ego's "need" to be the caretaker of everyone (or the worrier about everyone, or the provider for everyone), or the lingering survival mode that you may have had to inhabit in the past but don't need to stay in any longer. What we are being called to do here is to witness these inner obstacles, own them, and come to a place of willingness to fully release them.

One easy pitfall as we are faced with in this work is diversion. If we have longstanding issues with setting healthy and necessary boundaries, for example, we may want to step into a life coaching role and put our energy towards "helping" other people with their boundary issues, rather than addressing our own. We may want to create new external projects or simply distract ourselves. And sure, we can do all those things, but we'd be missing out on an incredible opportunity to make exactly the re-alignments we need and get the results we've been dreaming of but struggling to manifest.

The other big question here is a little more existential: who are YOU, independent of others? Independent of being someone's child, parent, partner, sibling, co-worker or friend- who are you? What are you passionate about? What emotions regularly come up for you, and what brings up those emotions? What do divine femininity and/or divine masculinity look like on you? Even independent of your job, who are you? This is an especially challenging question during Libra season, as Libra energy is oriented towards relationships, but getting clear on the core of your independent self will help align all this other work that needs to be done.

Two points about Libra season that are particularly relevant right now:

1. Libra season may bring forth or exacerbate a tendency towards conflict avoidance. While this energy may make us feel a strong desire to keep interpersonal dynamics harmonious, we actually need to be using conflict energy for boundary-setting. We do need to be communicating with people about issues that are arising, harm that's being done, lines that are being crossed, etc. Choosing not to do so will not, in the long run, support the harmony we seek. Just be careful, given that Mercury and Venus are in Scorpio, that your communication around conflict doesn't come from a place of hostility.

2. Libra energy calls us to keep on top of our sense of balance. In the words of superstar astrologer Jessica Lanyadoo, "There's a difference between hoarding and abundance, humility and martyrdom. Believe it or not, there *is such a thing as too much money, and there's no glory in not asking for as much as you need or deserve. If you're a woo of any kind it's important to stay in dialogue with yourself about the line between these things. Hoarding is the opposite of wealth. Don't damn the flow of creative energy in your life; let it flow." Whether the balance you need to work on is in regards to financial resources or something else, like effort vs. easeful rest, pinpoint which of those areas of your life need balance and write them down to create lasting focus around them.

In all this work, hold yourself in patience and compassion. Aries energy can get inspired, impassioned and gung-ho, and often very impatient; know that the work you're doing is big and you'll get no benefit from beating yourself up for not having completed it already. Harness the optimism of this bright moon to know that with your focused intention, the obstacles you've been facing for years can burn away for good.

Here's three ways to celebrate this full moon~

1. Practice yoga. Yoga literally means "yoking"- or joining together opposite forces to find the balance we're talking about. Yoga is also a powerhouse of potency for healing, self-awareness and transformation. Whether you prefer vinyasa, yin, Hatha or any combination of yogic practices, a regular and breath-centered practice guided by a good teacher is one of the best tools out there to support the work you're doing (as well as the work you didn't know you had to do.)

2. Learn about the Ganesha archetype. Ganesha is the remover of obstacles in Hindu and Vedic lineage, and reading stories about Ganesha or looking at artwork depicting Ganesha can be inspiring

3. Check in with the manifestations you've set over the past few years. Go as far back as you can and see where you're at; are there any that came true but took a little more time than you expected? Are there any for which you might still be standing in your own way?

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Let that fire burn and see what exists on the other side.

With gratitude,

Katya Weiss-Andersson -GoddessCeremony Astrologer-

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