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  • Cassandra Wilder

Living a Life of Mindfulness and Ritual

So often when we think of living mindfully, we imagine hours of yoga, meditation and ritual. We think of extravagant morning rituals, long evening practices and countless moments of breath and intention throughout the day.

While these things are certainly wonderful, they are simply not sustainable nor possible for many people. Because morning ritual and intentional living in general are often thought of us massive undertakings, many people simply never start their own practice because they feel they have to do it all.

I'm here to remind you that that notion is simply not true.

Within any moment, we have the choice to be intentional, mindful and aware of ourselves and our environment. I believe that living intentionally is more so about what we do most of the time, not just in the morning or evening.

This weekend I was honored to spend 4 days in the desert with the women in our Certified Sacred Women's Circle Creatrix training as they studied the art of guiding sacred women's circles, and I was amazed by how intentional we made every moment together.

We took an extra moment to sprinkle rose petals everywhere we walked to sink into our queendom. We prayed together before enjoying each meal. We OMed together each morning to increase our frequencies.

Each of these practices took less than a minute, and yet shaped our days to be mindful, intentional and sacred.


If you're struggling to find a way to weave in little practices into your life, here's 11 ideas for you ~

-light a candle while you work at your computer and remember that you are safe, loved and protected always

-walk around your home with a stick of burning incense to infuse your space with love, intention and the sweet smell of your favorite incense

-create a nourishing drink for yourself like tea and drink it ritually - slow and intentionally

-as you cook your meals, take a moment to reflect on your bounty and blessings. Smile, sing to your food or take a deep breath in appreciation

-draw yourself a hot bath out of pure, unconditional love for yourself. Toss in some rose petals, burn some candles and rest

-eat a piece of chocolate slowly and sensually, savoring every last moment of sweetness. Close your eyes and feel into how smoothly this chocolate nourishes you

-keep a crystal in your pocket like amethyst or quartz and smile every time you touch the crystal

-watch the sunset and imagine the golden rays nourishing your entire being

-sweep your porch or clean your home with the intention of clearing out old stagnant energy

-wake up slowly and gently run your hands up and down your body softly as you awaken your senses and shower yourself with love

-dance slowly and fluidly to your favorite song as you listen to the words


These little things can make all the difference. Know that whatever you choose is exactly what your body is craving.

With love,


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