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  • Cassandra Wilder

13 Themes and Ideas for a Women's Circle

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

As the Divine Feminine rises, women around the world are craving a sacred circle space to go to. Many powerful women are hearing the call to guide and create these sacred containers for women to gather, and here at GoddessCeremony, we've been honored to guide and certify over 100 Sacred Women's Circle Creatrixes. These amazing women have gone out and guided hundreds of sacred circles to support women around the world.

If you've been hearing the call to lead a women's circle, you've probably wondered what possibilities exist in leading a circle. Are they all the same? How can you spice it up from time to time? What do women truly love doing together?

Here's 13 beautiful ideas to contribute to your community and support women. 13 is an auspicious number of the Divine Feminine as there are 13 moon cycles a year and at one point, the calendar was a 13 month (moon) calendar a year.

May these 13 ideas inspire you and offer some direction for your circles!


Here are some great ideas for your sacred circle or celebration ~

-Solstice or Equinox circle celebrating the season

-Womb healing meditation or awakening experience

-Sacred tea or herbal medicine making circle

-Sound healing immersion with bells, chimes, chakra bowls and drums

-Expressive creating with paint

-Ecstatic dance or free flowing movement

-Yoga and the moon phases

-Oracle card readings and the deeper meanings of a deck

-Crystal grid making workshop circle

-Goddess exploration talking about powerful Goddesses

-Gratitude circle sharing what you're most grateful for

-Sacred sage bundle workshop wrapping your own locally grown sage

-Voice exploration and sacred songs


There are SO many ideas and these are truly just a few of hundreds of possibilities. Leading a sacred women's circle is a powerful initiation and we teach you all the tools you need to support women, create your community and build impact in the world as the Divine Feminine awakens!

Now is the time to rise, sister!

With love,


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