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  • Cassandra Wilder

Your Wounds Are Your Wisdom

Perhaps you've heard someone share that the cracks in your being is where the light comes in. But what does that really mean?

Understanding the value in our stories and choosing to heal from an empowered space is such a life changing journey. By making the broken pieces of us are greatest teachers, we begin to embody the practice of healing.

Cassandra shares her thoughts on wounding, trauma and the inevitable pain of the human experience and how we can transmute these experiences into a path that helps ourselves and others. She also shares wisdom from the powerful Goddess of Brokenness and how she guides us through the shadow.

You can listen to the newest episode on the GoddessCeremony Podcast to learn more about healing your story and what it truly means to make your wounds your wisdom.

Don't forget that if you leave a review on iTunes that you'll be automatically entered to win a FREE 1:1 Naturopathic Consultation with Cassandra (valued at $250!) Simply share your review on iTunes to be entered!

With gratitude,

Cassandra Wilder

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