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Embracing Change in Seasons and Life - October Insights from Cassandra

It's wild to realize it's October! Does it feel like it was just January and we were all excitedly setting intentions for the year? It sure does for me!

2019 has flown by and while this has been the most incredible year of my life, it's also been a year of transition, change, life and death. Astrologically speaking, 2019 has been a year of healing, wounding and a re-emergence. Have you been feeling this in your life? Are things shifting for you?

I have noticed over the last month a huge resistance to the coming season. As I see the leaves change on the trees, I've been reminded that Summer is waning and soon it will be cold and snowy. Perhaps it's because it felt like Spring went on forever in Utah earlier this year and continued to snow into late May, but I haven't felt excited in the least bit for winter.

Seeing this resistance to a physical season change has also made me question what I'm resisting in my emotional / spiritual / personal life. Am I resisting something? Am I afraid of the next step?

A LOT is changing for me personally right now as I prepare to move and take myself and my business to the next level. 2019 has paved the way for me to rise up and create far more impact in the world, and now I'm standing on the edge.

The edge is a metaphorical place where both fear and trust exist. We wonder what will happen if we jump - will we plummet to the ground or will be realize we have wings? Can we trust and let go or do we cling to the edge in fear and apprehension?

The ego often asks us to remain small, to play it safe and continue doing what we've always done. But we must remember - you cannot do what you've always done and expect to arrive somewhere else. If you want to up level in your life, you must be willing to take risks.

This is what I'm sitting with as the leaves change and I prepare to pack up my life into boxes (yet again - sigh!) and leave something good for something great. This home in Salt Lake City has served me so incredibly well and I know lots of tears and emotion will rise up throughout this month as I begin to pack it all up and say goodbye to what has been Goddess Headquarters for an entire year.

I will close this monthly insight with a question for you: Where in your life are you resisting change?

Are you afraid of changing jobs? Relationships?

Are you wondering what will happen if you choose a new path?

Sit with this, journal upon it and let me know what you find beneath the surface. Remember, the ego will tell you what you're doing is just fine and to keep doing it. Your heart will tell you the truth. Listen.

Big love,


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