• Cassandra Wilder

Why Manifesting Money IS Spiritual

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Rarely do the topics of money and spirituality meet.

When you think of money, what kinds of words come up for you? Greed? Evil? Big businesses? Lack?

You see, I get this mindset. In fact, I lived with this mindset for the majority of my life. On my spiritual journey I, like many others, disconnected from money so that I could be my most spiritual self. I renounced money and cast it away as I sat on my yoga mat breathing and meditating each day.


Because I had the deeply ingrained belief that money was evil and corrupt.

Now let’s fast forward a bit in my story. Within a few years of my spiritual awakening journey, I found myself struggling to make ends meet and consistently in a state of fear and lack with money. I needed money to live but had a deep disconnect around the whole idea of money. As an altruistic and spiritual being I wanted to live with as little as possible so that I could do more good in the world.

When I began leading Goddess Retreats, I maintained the same mindset. I was afraid to charge money for a spiritual service because I thought it was unethical. Spirituality should be free, right?

As you can guess, I lived with this mindset for a few years before I completely burned out. While I felt like I was helping others, I was struggling to pay for my basic expenses and this is when I began to immerse myself in the practice of manifestation.

Within the practice of manifestation, I began to watch many of my old patterns and beliefs dissolve as I embraced a more empowered, abundant mindset. Through this shift in my perception, I realized that my old beliefs surrounding money and my constant lack mindset were preventing me from truly helping others.

My passion and purpose was clear: to support others in reclaiming their authentic selves - and yet I was stuck in the role of survival as I attempted to pay for rent and my groceries each month. By attempting to be “spiritual”, I was preventing myself from rising to the call of the work I was meant to do.

So I shifted my perspective and intertwined my passion for spirituality with an abundant, empowered mindset surrounding money. With this new alignment, I was finally able to live comfortably while also supporting women across the world in healing.

If you clicked this link out of skepticism, I ask you to read the 5 reasons below why attracting money is a spiritual endeavor.

1. Going without won’t help those in need

Going without food will not help those who are hungry and going without happiness will not grant others joy. -Cassandra Wilder

There is a common belief amongst the spiritual community that going without something will help heal the world. While this can have validity sometimes, (for example being a mindful consumer and thus not supporting unethical industries) there are many instances when this mindset simply does not serve anyone. Would it make sense to go hungry to help end world hunger?

If we really want to make an impact in the world and serve those in need, money is one of the greatest resources to support those missions. With money we can donate to build a well in a rural community, bring life saving medical supplies to war torn countries and offer food to those desperately in need.

Rather than going without, let’s find a way to be part of the solution for the good of all people. This is why having money can indeed be spiritual. Money is a resource that can help others.

2. Money is the currency of trade in our world

Yes, I understand that many of us would prefer to live in nature and trade raw goat’s milk for biodynamic carrots as our means of trade but for most of us, that’s simply not the world we live in. For most of us, money is the tool that allows us to pay our mortgage, buy food, donate to charities and travel. Money offers us a way to exchange different services and items that we all need. When we begin to see money as a means to give and receive, our perspective begins to shift.

3. Money is just a tool

Down to the most basic level, money is just a piece of paper. There is no objective in that paper’s mind and there is no inherent goodness or evil. Money is simply a tool and when we see it as that, it becomes more of a resource instead of a ruling energy. With the $20 in your pocket you could help someone in need or do something that harms another being. The money itself is benign of intent; it is what we DO with money that shapes the outcome. Allow yourself to see money as a tool in your toolbox that has the power to liberate or bind. Choose to allow money to liberate yourself and others.

Think of it this way - money is just an amplifier. If you're a good person, money will help you be better and help others. If you're a bad person, money will make you more corrupt. It's not money that's inherently bad - it's what we choose to do with it.

4. There is no lack of money in the Universe

Contrary to what most of us learned about money, (i.e. money is scarce, there is never enough money, money is hard to get, etc.) there is an abundance of money in the world. There is so much abundance in the world that every human being could have enough money to live happily and healthily with extra to spare. By reshaping a scarcity mindset with an empowered mindset, we begin to live in alignment with the energy of abundance.

5. Receive the abundance all around you

By approaching money with a grateful, empowered perspective we will attract more money into our lives. This is a Law of the Universe. Just like how gravity is a law and remains present even if you do not believe it in, the Law of Attraction is the same thing. By having a healthy belief around money, you will attract more money into your life. With this ever-flowing abundance in your life, you can then continue to impact the world in a positive way. Be open to receiving more money so that you can continue to walk your spiritual path of altruism.

If you are a spiritual being trying to do good in this world, money is a tool that will support you in succeeding. By letting go of old beliefs that say money is not spiritual, you will open yourself to receiving more financial abundance and thus, be able to do the work you are meant to do in this world.

You are worthy of financial freedom and it is okay to be abundant and spiritual. Let us all heal our old money beliefs and make space for new, empowering beliefs to replace them.