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September Free Yoga Playlist of the Month - 60 Minutes

Due to popular demand we create a free yoga playlist of the month! Each month GoddessCeremony creates a 60 minute yoga playlist on Spotify for you to enjoy! Whether you're a yoga teacher or simply looking for a new playlist to use during your home practice, these playlists are upbeat and inspiring. Perfect for a fairly fast paced Vinyasa yoga class, this playlist is yours to use!


We are really excited to share our September 2019 Free Yoga Playlist. We put a lot of time and effort into creating these playlists and are SO grateful when we hear how many of you use them at home and in your classes.

This month our playlist has 16 soothing songs. Ranging from Ben Howard to Sol Rising, this playlist is gentle, relaxing and grounding. This playlist would be a wonderful addition to any restorative, yin or gentle flow yoga class. The songs pick up a little bit in the middle of the playlist, and then slow waaaaay down for a wonderful cool down.

To find this free yoga playlist, you can search on Spotify "Cassandra Wilder" or you can search the playlist "September Yoga Playlist of the Month" by Cassandra Wilder. You can then download the playlist and listen to it whenever you want!

The songs in the September playlist are as followed:

1) Space - Siv Jakobsen

2) Horse to Water - Tall Heights

3) Into the Wild - Shylah Ray Sunshine

4) Spirit Cold - Tall Heights

5) Old Pine - Ben Howard

6) Forest Fires - Axel Flovent

7) I Know You Got Soul - Sol Rising

8) Medicine - Rising Appalachia

9) The Journey - Sol Rising

10) Bloom - The Paper Kites

11) Green Mountain State - Trevor Hall

12) when the parties over - Billie Eilish

13) The Sacred - Yaima

14) Darker Things - Lily Kershaw

15) In Sunlight - Tina Malia

16) I Am Perfect As I Am - Beautiful Chorus

If you listen to the playlist, please comment below and let us know how you liked it!

In gratitude,

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