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Full Moon in Pisces September 2019 - A New Season Of Healing

Happy Full Moon, sister! We're honored to have Astrologer Katya Weiss-Andersson here on the GoddessCeremony Team sharing her astrology insights for this Full Moon in Pisces!

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Virgo season has been in full swing for a few weeks now, seeking to align us with motivation, strategy, efficiency and a can-do attitude. But it’s possible that we may be getting a little burned out from the productivity, and it’s possible that we may be feeling overwhelmed as we reach the end of this week. It’s especially possible that we may feel emotional, but not exactly sure why.

It’s hard to write about this full moon- Pisces energy swims around nebulously and is hard to define or pin down. You may feel confusion and that may feel very uncomfortable; it’s still Virgo season and Virgo energy loves clarity, not confusion. This is exacerbated by the fact that Pisces energy and full moon energy are fairly contrasting by nature. But this is a time of poignant conclusion, as this lunation closes out the Summer season. This full moon is mystical, dreamy and soulful. We get to look back on the bright, wild Summer season with gratitude as we sink into the restful, sensual slow-down of Fall. Most of all, there’s emotional release waiting for us here- Virgo energy can be emotionally repressed, and this full moon gives us permission to feel and express things in a big, cleansing way. Even as we make big moves and create strategic and lasting change, we humans are all still emotional beings.

Within the past week, we’ve had both Mars and the Sun opposing Neptune in Virgo. This can bring more confusion, so ground way down into yourself and remind yourself that this is temporary. In contrast, these aspects can also lead to big “aha moments.”

On Friday, Venus and Mercury conjunct one another in Virgo to spend one final moment together setting up our relationships with the outside world for success (IF we act in alignment with this energy.) Then on Saturday, the two planets move into Libra, bringing a whole lot of romantic, harmonious, pleasure-oriented and sensual vibes to our communications and relationships. So we have sensual, soulful, dreamy energy coming at us from multiple angles- let this be the dominant theme of your weekend, even amidst the buzz of energy that a full moon brings.

As we discussed during the new moon report two weeks ago, the flipside to the Workaholic Virgo archetype is the Priestess Virgo Archetype. You can use the shameless embodiment of your emotions, the devotion of your work and planning, and the boldness of your envisioning to alchemize truly incredible things right now. You can maintain the Virgo can-do attitude, the Piscean depth of feeling, the big energetic commemoration of the full moon time, and Libra romanticism and sensuality to mark your celebratory transition into the Fall season. It can be confusing. Just be vibrantly present in all of it.

Three ways to celebrate this full moon~

1) Build a fire to commemorate the end of summer. Maybe dance around it. Maybe take a piece of paper to write things down that you’d like to let go- things that have caused you major emotional unrest- and throw the paper into the fire

2) Find or re-find some fall rituals that feel cozy and dreamy. Make hot tea for yourself each morning, walk to the farmer’s market each Saturday to buy some fall veggies- let it feel celebratory while also guiding you to slow down from the wildness of Summer and welcome in Fall

3) Take a moment to fully revel in what you’re harvesting. Shout out your accomplishments, your growth, the things you’ve envisioned and then brought into fruition (or are beginning to bring into fruition) and really let it sink in that you did that

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Feel it all and step forward into Fall with connection to who you truly are. Happy Full Moon, everyone!

With gratitude,

Katya Weiss-Andersson -GoddessCeremony Astrologer-

And we just launched Spiritual Podcasting! We helpful spiritual entrepreneurs like you learn how to launch a soulful podcast that creates impact, builds your brand and helps you make money podcasting! Join the FREE webinar here!

About the Astrologer~

Katya Weiss-Andersson offers resources for holistic wellness through multiple modalities. As a plant-based chef, she caters retreats and events across the United States. As a RYT-200 yoga teacher and kirtan artist, she teaches yoga asana and

Bhakti music. She works with astrology, plants, movement, sound and intersectional queer theory as tools for healing on the individual and community level. Her writing on food and wellness has been published on GoddessCeremony, Greatist and others and her website is katyaweissandersson.com. She is the proud mom of one plant and one queer kickball league in Durham, NC.


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