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  • Sarah Del Rey

Why Crystals Break Sometimes

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Why do crystals sometimes break while in our possession?

Have you ever had one of your crystals break in your presence? Maybe it fell or maybe you picked it up and it randomly broke. Either way, it’s never a good feeling but the reason for why this can happen is to protect you!

I’ve had several crystals break while in possession. Clear Quartz, Black Tourmaline, and Green Calcite, just to name a few. And it always puzzled me as to why. I took good care of them, I loved them! Why would they break? Was it me? What can I do with the pieces now? I had so many questions!

I recently discovered that a crystal can break when it’s protecting you! The crystal is taking an energetic hit instead of you.

The crystal is protecting you in that situation and unfortunately, it breaks to protect you.

Personally, my Black Tourmaline fell on the ground and I felt like it broke because there was negative energy in that area that it was protecting me from. Then, just a few days later, my Green Calcite broke while I had it resting on my chest, my Heart chakra. I was using my Green Calcite to rid the dis-ease in my body, especially my Heart chakra. Later to find out, it most likely broke to protect my heart chakra from a very heavy energetic hit.

So now what?! What does one do with a broken crystal? Well first, assure yourself that it didn’t break because of you. It broke for you because it was protecting you!

There are a few things you can do with a broken crystal! If you want to save them, it’s important to take any of the proper steps listed below.


You can...

~Cleanse them~ use Palo Santo, Sage, Incense, (Salt) Water, Sunlight, or Moonlight.

→ Cleansing the crystal will help to rid any negative energies that were absorbed before/while the crystal broke.

~Bury them~ Dig a hole in the Earth and leave it buried for a period, a few weeks at minimum.

→ While the crystal is buried, it has time cleanse and recharge.


If you don’t wish to save the crystal, we recommend cleansing it and gifting it away or to bury it and leave it. You can even get creative with it and bury it and plant something on top of it!

We like to think that a broken crystal isn’t a total loss. It was protecting you! How incredible is that!

Much love & light,

Sarah Del Rey

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